Blog update: “Amazing product”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/19 blog update, titled “Amazing product“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the farewell to “Ran”‘s training room

It’s a place where I’ve sweat a lot…
Thanks for your kindness

At last, the performance is 3 days away

We also had a full run-through yesterday, and I was nervous during each of my scenes

So that I can perform Ran proudly proudly, I want to challenge myself to have self-confidence at the performance

Which reminds me, earlier my co-star Sugimoto Yumi-san

“Sarafine is nice~ Me, I don’t sweat at all

she recommended to me

Sarafine is
clothing made from a cool feeling material
you don’t sweat easily
and it absorbs the sweat
and it’s easy to dry the sweat

Certainly it’s the ideal product for sweaty me

…I’m grateful to Sugimoto-san who casually recommended it

Without delay, after yesterday’s practice I went with my mom to buy a Sarafine t-shirt

The instant I picked it up with my hands I was surprised

The material felt cool,

and smooth silky …( ̄▽ ̄;)

I don’t know what’s a good expression for it, but at any rate,

“This seems like it’ll absorb sweat” I thought after only touching it

From here it’ll gradually get hotter, and it will become the season where I sweat just from walking

so Sarafine seems like it’ll be useful

For that reason I went shopping for the first time in awhile

I also bought Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan’s birthday present

Chii turns 19-years-old in 3 more days

Before I knew it, it was time for the store to close, and I haven’t been able to buy a present for Mother’s Day…

My mom said “It’s fine Next time“… but if I don’t buy it quickly

“Is there something you want
I asked her
“Hmmm…” she had trouble thinking, so I’m having trouble as to what I should give her

What kind of thing is good

Now, today I will meet with the ℃-ute members

Today’s picture is from when we had a concert in Niigata

Well then, today I will tanobaru

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  1. isn’t Mother’s Day over?? lol.. or do they celebrate it on a different day?? o.O
    and no mother could ask for more when she has an amazing daughter like Maimi.. 😀

    • Nah, Japan celebrates it on the same day as the U.S. Maimi’s just been too busy to go shopping (and doesn’t know what to get her anyway lol).

  2. “…I sweat just from walking” i’m just as bad… sweat like a pig me (unlike maimi who sweats like a Goddess!). gotta get myself a SaraFine T-shirt to try. it still won’t halt her sweating though!
    and maimi is such a good girl i’m sure her mother understands ^_^

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