Blog update: “School nurse”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/18 blog update, titled “School nurse“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today~

Furthermore, today’s breakfast was
something I love

My mom woke me up,
and while I was still sleepy I went down the stairs

and on top of the table was cooled shabu-shabu and boiled flounder…

My eyes lit up at once (lol)

While eating I muttered
“Delicious” countless times…

My mom, “Mai, do you know any words other than Delicious” she laughed

Speaking of which, I’m the kind of person who eats with all their might in the morning

When I was a mischevious elementary school student, I often fell down in the playground so I’d go to the school nurse

At the school nurse there was always a paper you had to write on,

and on it was a column for what you had for breakfast

In that column
I wrote “yakisoba”

and the school nurse
“Eh You had yakisoba in the morning

they responded

After that too, when I’d go there

“The things you can eat in the morning are scary

they’d often say,

“What the heck is normal to eat in the morning(・・;)”

I thought about when I was an elementary school student (lol)

By the way, that school nurse transfered,

and at the transfer ceremony I read an essay

I only had scrapes, and the school nurse took care of me a lot, so I remember crying and not being able to read it well

I wonder if they’re doing well~

…or rather, I wonder if they remember me

While writing the blog, I remember things like that…

Now, today there’s another practice for “Ran”

I will work hard with cooled shabu-shabu and flounder power

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  1. hahaha.. Mama Yajima teasing Maimi.. ^^ and what’s wrong with eating Yakisoba in the morning??.. LOL.. the school nurse was baffled with her eating diet.. >.<
    " I wonder if they remember me"
    of course they would remember you Maimi!! its IMPOSSIBLE to forget a person like you.. 😛

  2. maimi clearly understands that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! doctor monkey approves! (^_~).I≡
    as mmsuki says, maimi will be remembered wherever she shows up!

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