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Maimi, ℃-ute, and Berryz in “Jikuu no Tobira” play

The Gekidan Online website has posted information on the 11th installment of the GekiHaro stage series, titled “Jikuu no Tobira” (Door of Space-time). The short description reads:

Like the two sides of a coin, reality has two faces.

The website also states that the members of Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute have been shuffled in to two groups, and the performances will be split between those groups. The two groups are “Gekkou-kumi” (Moonlight group), which consists of Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko, Tokunaga Chinami, Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato, and Hagiwara Mai, and “Fuun-kumi” (Wind and clouds group), which consists of Sudou Maasa, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Kumai Yurina, Sugaya Risako, Yajima Maimi, and Nakajima Saki.

The performances are set to take place 9/16 to 9/25 in Tokyo, and 9/30 to 10/2 in Osaka.

Maimi Sightings for 5/31

Maimi appeared in another “Ran” co-star’s blog update today, this time in a post on Hirayama Misaki‘s official blog, where she thanked everyone for “Ran”‘s success and shared a three-shot of her, Maimi, and Kinjou Megu.

In addition, Maimi was featured in an update on the “Mu~Comi+” website, titled “Too gorgeous idol! Appearance of “℃-ute”‘s Yajima Maimi“, in connection with her appearance on the radio show earlier. The article notes that in 1 year, Maimi will have been an idol for half of her lifetime. When asked if it was a problem growing up in the world of show business, Maimi responded, “Though there are some strict aspects, it’s fun!”

Blog update: “Superman↑↑”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/31 blog update, titled “Superman“:

It’s Maimi

Today the weather is nice, huh~

It’s really good feeling weather

after work

I went and saw a play where Morizane Yuki-san, who I’m regularly indebted to, appears

called “Superman”

The thing is, Morizane-san,
she also came and saw the play I performed in, “Ran”

At that time
“Absolutely, I want you to come see mine too” she said to me

Morizane-san was sparkling

Fun was delivered, I was hooked, and even I was smiling(^-^)

“Superman” is
like a closet drama, and like a musical, an original play which I haven’t seen anything like until now

in the production too, the various devices they used were really interesting

Like in a usual musical, the actors stand on a huge stage, and they can freely act in this play

Things like the changes in those actors’ subtle facial expressions and bold movements, and distinctly using their voice, I was able to feel it closely

I feel like I was able to have a precious experience that I seldom get to have

After the performance I took a picture with Morizane-san

Because I’m not wearing any make-up, and because I was crying at the final performance of the play the day before, my eyes were puffy…

but I’m attaching it m(__)m

And then, I have one announcement to make today…

I will be a guest on the live broadcast of
Nippon Housou’s

It’s late, but please definitely listen

Well then, I will tanobaru this afternoon too

Maimi Sightings for 5/30

Maimi appeared in a two-shot with “Ran” co-star Kinjou Megu in an entry on her official blog commemorating the final performance of “Ran”.

Blog update: “Ran”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/30 blog update, titled “Ran“:

It’s Maimi

The final performance of the play “Ran” finished yesterday.

I bid farewell to the Zenshinza theater I went to every day.

After the end of the performance, everyone on the staff and all of my co-stars were tidying up, and while I was looking at the play’s set from a monitor in the hallway,

I started to feel extremely lonely.

This time 2 years ago, being in a play with such a large family, something like being allowed to star in that play, I couldn’t even dream of it.

A novice like me being the lead role… I feel like I was only a bother to those around me.

But still, with the first performance last year and then the revival, I’m happy that I was able to learn and worry about various things amongst everyone who I worked on this play with every day.

Something like a revival, it’s not something I can often experience I think,

and when I first heard of the revival, I was happy, but on the other hand, if I don’t grow myself before the next time…

there was that pressure.

Going to the training room, and when watching all of my co-stars’ acting,

“How will I be able to become like that?
I also want to be become good!!”

I always felt.

Though there’s probably people in this world have have genuine talent from the start,

I am not one of those people, so I have no choice but to study a lot and put in a lot of effort.

I still wasn’t good enough

but the writer/director Hata-san chose me as the star, and I really have a lot of gratitude for that.

At the time of the first showing, I learned that Hata-san had been working on this project within himself for 10 years,

and knowing that he chose me as the star for that work,

I strongly felt, “Though I’m really weak, I gotta crash into it with all my power

Yesterday, after the final performance Hata-san spoke to me.

This “Ran” was his first work since his honored teacher Tsuka Kouhei-san passed away…

Don’t you think he was watching from Heaven?

It was an honor that I could appear in such an important, important play.

And then, with the revival, there was one more thing I was anxious about.

“I wonder how many people will come to see it?”

is what it was…

In reality, before the play started there weren’t many guests coming for the weekdays.

It was something that everyone had poured their souls into,

so of course I wanted as many people as possible to come see it, and honestly I had some disappointed thoughts.

However, after the first day had finished, the number of people who came to the theater increased before my eyes.

Thanks to that, we were able to almost sell-out the weekday performances, and it continued like that all the way to the final performance.

It was a really happy thing. If it became a play that as many people as possible love, I’m happy.

The revival this time was something I really hoped for, and it’d be nice if someday that day came when I could again stand on stage as Ran…

I love Ran I love the play “Ran”

all of the staff
all of the cast

and then
everyone who came
everyone who cheered for us

really, truly, thank you very much.

I’ve attached pictures with my co-stars

(1) A FIGHTING time picture

Nemoto-san who played Itachi was on vacation, so unfortunately she wasn’t there,
but here is Ran’s circle of friends, “Team Akatani”

(2) After yesterday’s performance
“Let’s take a picture together” they called out to me

(3) With the members of my dressing room…
We took this in the lonely dressing room that we had finished tidying up after the final performance

In hopes that someday we can do this together again, I will work hard every day

Maimi Sightings for 5/29

The ℃-ute staff Twitter tweeted that all of the performances of “Ran -2011 New version!!-” were finished without any problems, and that Maimi has a lot of gratitude for all of those who came to see.

Blog update: “Final performance!!”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 5/29 blog update, titled “Final performance“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The day has finally come

The play “Ran -2011 New version!!-”

final performance

When I think about today’s performance ending, I’m lonely

Though I thought, “For the first time we can do it for 8 days“, it went by in the blink of an eye…

As with the first showing, I learned various things every day, as expected

I’ve received a lot of advice, and thought “Ah I see

I’ve watched my co-stars’ performances, and “Amazing as expected~” I’ve been impressed…

However, there’s still one more time of tears and laughs…

In my own way, I will perform as “Ran” with all my might

Alright A perfect explosion

Beginning with Hata-san, all of the staff, all of the musicians, and then all of my co-stars

…I’m grateful that I was able to take part in the creation of Hata-gumi’s play “Ran” with everyone…

Without regret, I will have a performance that I put all of my heart and soul into

Well then, I’m off to the final “Ran”

The pictures are yesterday’s
Everyone is really kind, and I love them

Blog update: “Congratulations♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/28 blog update, titled “Congratulations“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Unfortunately, it’s raining today…

Earlier, we were talking backstage at the play “Ran”,

and it seems like
the role of “Nazuna”: Tsukiyama Mayumi-san
the role of “Hakobe”: Taki Kahoko-san

are also rain-girls

By the way, Kudou Risa-san is a clear skies-girl
It seems Sugimoto Yumi-san is a wind-girl

“Ran” also began with rain this time, and I wonder if it’ll end with rain…

…When I think that there’s only 2 days until the closing performance including today, I’m quite lonely

Yesterday all the weekday performances finished, so all that’s left is the weekend…

Honestly, I was surprised that so many guests came during the weekdays

From what I heard, after the play had started, there was also an application for tickets, and it seems like a lot of people bought same-day tickets…

I’m really happy

While reflecting on the happiness of being allowed to participate in the production of “Ran”, I will rely on all of my power for the remaining 3 performances

Now then, yesterday I met with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan

(1) I can’t show you the outfits we wore yet

I gave her the birthday present I forgot to give her earlier

That’s right Speaking of birthdays,
it seems that today, 5/28, is…

Morning Musume 9th generation member Sayashi Riho-chan’s birthday

At this year’s New Year’s concert, Sayashi-chan became a colleague in Hello! Project as a new member of Morning Musume…

Though there haven’t been many opportunities to work together yet,

when I occasionally meet her she’s always smiling brightly and really cute

She’s still 13-years-old

It’s surprising

I think that 12 is surely the turning point age for Sayashi-chan

13 too, I hope your smile doesn’t fade, and everyday is wonderful

Sayashi-chan, happy birthday

Maimi on upcoming “Yoyogi Pirates”

Maimi will be on the FM-FUJI radio show “Yoyogi Pirates” on 6/1 (Wednesday), airing live from Yoyogi’s Studio Vivid. The show will be open to the public to come and see, and will also be simultaneously broadcast on USTREAM at the “Yoyogi Pirates” channel. The program will air from 9PM to 11PM JST, and the Hello! Project website is listing Maimi’s appearance at around the 10PM JST mark.

Blog update: “Refreshments”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/27 blog update, titled “Refreshments“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, it seems like the effectiveness of the teru-teru bouzu I made earlier wore off…

It looks like it’s going to rain today…

Speaking of which, it rained during an earlier photoshoot…

(1) A picture from that photoshoot

But up until yesterday it worked hard

Well, there are three more days left of the play taking place at the Zenshinza theater, “Ran”

Time is flying by
There’s four more performances of crying and laughing left

Each and every time, I portray “Ran” so as to have no regrets

Backstage at “Ran”, there’s a lot of refreshments

Because there’s a lot of cast members,
the amount that they give us is a lot,
though it runs out in the blink of an eye

There’s a lot of delicious looking things, so I eat a lot…

Look look
There’s also this kind of cute refreshment

(2) Bear-san

Furthermore, the caramel-looking treats were really delicious

Speaking of caramel, I made it in a middle school cooking experiment~

That time was the first time I learned of caramel, and I ate it,

and from that moment, I began to really love it

Though I say that, I don’t usually get a chance to eat it

A taste I haven’t had for awhile

Alright I have to move to work off all that I ate

Today I will go all out

Blog update: “First appearance in awhile”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/26 blog update, titled “First appearance in awhile“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The new single released yesterday
“Momoiro Sparkling”

was number 4 on the daily charts

Everyone who bought the CD, thank you

If this song becomes the power of a lot of people, I’ll be happy

Today, I’ve attached a picture Nacky took of the monitor during the filming of the music video


And then today, for the first time in awhile
an appearance by my pet dog Cologne

(2) In a sleepy sleepy state

Yesterday when I arrived home,
she was sleeping on top of the sofa too cute

so instinctively
I said “Cologne” and dove to her (lol)

Then, her tail was wagging while she was in my arms…

she started to sleep again with a sigh, and that was also cute…

It was the best healing

This morning I dropped the cucumber from my salad

and without a moment’s delay, Aroma (Cologne’s daughter) lept out and ate it Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)

How quick… Aroma…

Alright Today I will also work hard at “Ran”

Last is a picture of Saki who came and saw the play earlier…

(3) The treats were delicious


Maimi Sightings for 5/25

In commemoration of the release of ℃-ute’s 16th single, member Nakajima Saki posted a series of updates on her solo blog with pictures from the filming of the single’s music video, which included some solo and two-shots of Maimi.

Hagiwara Mai also posted about the new single on her blog update on the official ℃-ute blog, and included a two-shot of her and Maimi.

On the subject of Maimi’s currently-running play “Ran -2011 New version!!-“, ℃-ute staff tweeted that there were only 6 performances of the play left and still some tickets available for the weekday performances. The staff added that it is a play that is really worth seeing, and asked everyone to check it out.

Full translations for the other ℃-ute members’ entries can be found at blog!project.

Blog update: “Momoiro Sparkling”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/25 blog update, titled “Momoiro Sparkling“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is clear too, isn’t it
The teru-teru bouzu I made yesterday is working hard

You can do it

At last, today is the release day

of the new song “Momoiro Sparkling”

It’s ℃-ute 16th single

As might be expected from “sparkling”,
it’s a bright and fresh song with a bubbly feeling

The dance also is a really cute choreography

It’s a song that’s perfect for summer, so I hope people listen to it a lot this season

And then
Something I’m grateful for
until 6/2 they will be playing the music video on outdoor screens in Shibuya

I’m really really happy

They might even be playing right now

When you stop by Shibuya, definitely check it out

And then, and then
at CD stores nationwide (TSUTAYA, and other electronic stores)
and at karaoke places (SHIDAX)
you can see it on the store-front screens also
from 6/1~6/30

at JOYSOUND and UGA karaoke
the actual video clip is available

The time-frame is

Definitely, sing it a lot at karaoke too please

…and, in this way too, there’s a chance for everyone to see it

If as many people as possible think
“This song has a lot of spirit I want to listen to it a lot

I’m happy

Well then, today I’ve uploaded
a picture from the photoshoot for the cover
(1) and
a picture from the filming of the music video

Now, today is the fourth day of “Ran” Off I go with fighting spirit

Have a wonderful day today (^-^)

Blog update: “Happy”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 5/24 blog update, titled “Happy“:

It’s Maimi

The continuous rain stopped

Why do you think

Hehehe… surely it’s because of this

(1) The teru-teru bouzu I made today

It really stopped raining after I finished making it

Though I don’t know if it is a coincidence, I will hang it every day

Right now, it’s necessary to take a short walk from Kichijouji station to the Zenshinza theater where “Ran” is taking place, so rain is a big problem for those coming to see it

Speaking of “Ran”,

yesterday a lot of people came and watched
including the members of ℃-ute,
Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and
Tokunaga Chinami-chan,
Hello! Project Egg Takeuchi Akari-chan,
and the staff

I was really happy

On the way back I returned with the other ℃-ute members,
and they were reading the pamphlets they bought…

Thanks everyone~

By the way, for the first performance of the opening day, one of my middle school teachers brought their daughter to the theater

I’m really grateful

It was a teacher I hadn’t seen in a while, and they seemed to be doing well

(2) They gave me these lovely flowers

Now, the performances continue until the 29th, but time is surely flying by…

Each and every time, I will stand on the stage as if it were the closing performance

And then, yesterday Airi’s photobook “Meguru Haru” went on sale

…She showed it to me this time

Well then, today I will do my best~ Off I go

Maimi Sightings for 5/23

The members of ℃-ute finally went to go see their leader in her starring role in the currently running play “Ran -2011 New version!!”, and they shared their thoughts on the official ℃-ute blog. Nacky was the first to update at both the official blog and her solo blog, and she wrote that she feels like she fell in love with Maimi who was cooler than ever before, and that she feels like she wants to see it again. Then in her entry titled “Ran, the best“, Mai said that she was really moved by the play, and that when she could watch Maimi near her, she got as excited as a fan would. Airi was the last of the ℃-ute members to comment on the play today, and in her entry titled “Ran“, she wrote that during the final scene of the play she began crying. She added that she was glad that she went, and that she spontaneously bought a “Ran” t-shirt.

In addition to the ℃-ute members’ updates, Maimi also appeared in a series of updates on Berryz Koubou’s “Captain” Shimizu Saki’s official blog (pictures 1, 2, and 3). Captain wrote in her entries “Photo-shoot finished” and “Collaboration!, that she got together with fellow H!P members Takahashi Ai, Wada Ayaka, and Maimi for a photo-shoot/filming for “Hello! Channel” and a TV program. Captain also wrote in her entry titled “Ran” that she went and saw Maimi’s play, and that she laughed and cried during the 3 hours that went by in the blink of an eye.

Full translations of the entries by the other ℃-ute members and Shimizu Saki can be found at blog!project, thanks to Rokun and Eri.