Maimi’s pet dog pride

With Bijo Gaku now in the books, the new Hello! Project show “Haropuro! Time” began this week. The format of the show is the girls showing off snippets of their lives from their own points of view, as each girl is the camerawoman for their own segment. On the maiden episode of Haropuro! Time (aired 4/21), Maimi took the camera and introduced everyone to her three pet dogs.

The segment began with Maimi returning home at night from the rehearals for the ℃-ute and S/mileage joint concert. As she approached her house, the sound of her dogs barking could be heard, and when she entered she was greeted excitedly by her toy poodle Aroma (3-years-old, female). The segment then cut ahead to the introduction of her other toy poodle and Aroma’s mother, Cologne (5-years-old, female).

Maimi then made several attempts to get Aroma to obey her, only to be met with failure both times. First, Maimi tried to get Aroma to join her on the couch, only to be met with Aroma’s growling. Then, when Maimi tried to get Aroma to come to her, she instead walked off with Maimi’s father.

Next Maimi brought out some treats for the two dogs and tried to get them to jump, but to little avail. She then tried placing the treats on the ground in front of each dog and getting them to wait to eat them, but Aroma quickly snatched up the treats intended for both her and her mother. Moving on, Maimi then showed off Cologne’s special skill of fetching a ball from the tight space under the couch, and then Aroma’s love of strange places by filming her on a chair beneath the table.

Jumping ahead after a brief intermission, Maimi and Cologne were getting close on the couch together, but Maimi had to tell Cologne to stop as she got carried away licking her face and neck. Then, as Maimi was later washing her face, Cologne was laying down beneath the sink while Aroma was scurrying around. Next Maimi got a shot of Cologne laying down on her leg and Aroma curled up in a ball next to her.

Maimi went outside the next morning to introduce her third dog, a Jack Russel terrier named Rookie (10-years-old, male). She played with his hand some, and when he started sneezing she wondered if he had hayfever. To end the segment, Maimi showed Cologne and Aroma taking a nap before leaving for work.

In addition to her own segment, Maimi appeared alongside Airi in Mano Erina’s segment, where Mano chronicled her experience with the recording and charity event for the “Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu” project. Maimi commented that they were going to go start fund-raising in order to help out those in need. Maimi was also briefly present during Maeda Yuuka’s segment showing the rehearsals for ℃-ute and S/mileage’s joint concert.

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  1. Woah! awesome job… this vid was on my mind all day! thanks! (^_~).V

    her dogs didn’t obey her commands ^_^”
    i loved the segment, and maimi’s whispering is so… sensual(!)♥

    great to see some more of maimi in the other sections too! so much maimi in this week’s programme. that’s probably why i enjoyed it more than Bijo Gaku… from next week it may be a different story!

    • Yeah, it was certainly a Maimi-packed episode. I’m looking forward to her next segment, though that’s probably quite a-ways off, assuming they go through and give each member one.

      lol Between her whispering and those ero-moments from when Cologne was going at it (I was really torn between those and her irritated face for the screenshots), I can see why the clip would’ve been on your mind all day.

      • certainly was on my mind… still is!

        well, they probably would cycle through the members, but if Bijo Gaku was anything to go by, we may not see some members, whilst we see some more than others (maimi had the most appearances on Bijo Gaku)… we can only hope ;P

  2. lol xD her dogs are really cute xD
    eventhough they dont listen to maimi xD
    she loves them a lot 😀

    happy it was most bout maimi 😀

    the new show really seems fun.. getting to know the members more 🙂

  3. the first time i saw her dogs (during their guesting on Heyx3) i actually thought they were stuffed toys.. because toy poodle.. TOY poodle.. hahaha.. i am very ignorant when it comes to the breed of dogs.. and they really do look like toys when Nakky and Chisa held them and plus i didn’t see them move/breathing.. and so i thought its soo weird that she calls a TOY her pet.. LMAO! ^^;;

    i’m gonna be watching it on replay thanks to Kami’s cut.. ^_____^ and the brief YajiSuzu moment is definitely a PLUS! ♥♥♥

    • I felt that way about toy poodles when I first saw them too. There was an update last year when Captain was in Hawaii so Maimi was babysitting her dog (who happens to be Aroma’s sister and another of Cologne’s daughters), Kurumi (link). The third picture is actually of Kurumi’s favorite toy, a toy poodle doll… and even Maimi commented that it was tough to tell her and the doll apart lol.

      But the thought of Maimi calling a toy her pet is hilarious, and oddly fitting…

      • “But the thought of Maimi calling a toy her pet is hilarious, and oddly fitting…”

        hahaha.. yeah, thats why i didn’t bother searching if there really is a breed called toy poodle.. >.<

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