Maimi’s future forecast

This past week’s episode of “Bijo Gaku” (aired 4/14) marked the final episode of the series before its change in title (“Hello Pro! Hour”) and contents, and featured Maimi along with fellow ℃-ute members Nacky and Chisato making a guest appearance in Hello! Project soloist Mano Erina’s idol palm-reading corner.

Prior to the recording, Mano met with each girl individually and examined their hands. With the information she gathered, she was ready to present her findings to the three ℃-ute members. She started with the members’ economic fortune, and stated one of the three has a great forecast. Nacky and Chisato both predicted that it’d be Maimi, but much to everyone’s surprise it was Chisato. Mano stated the the reasons she think this is because of the pudginess and line-definition of Chisato’s hands.

Mano then asked all of the girls to make their hands narrow and hold them up to the light, and confirmed that there was no light coming through the space between Chisato’s fingers. Mano pointed out that this could mean she earns a lot of money, or that she’s stingy. She asked Chisato if she had any stingy episodes, and Chisato explained that she doesn’t usually buy anything that costs over 3000 yen.

The person with the worst economic forecast was revealed to be Maimi, and Maimi wondered if it was because her fingers are so thin. Mano pointed out the gap between Maimi’s pinky and ring fingers, and said that it implies that money will fall out between her fingers. Asked about her spending habits, Maimi said that she usually doesn’t go shopping, but when she does she spends her money all at once. That left Nacky in second place, who proceeded to explain her shopping habits. Mano said that her fortune was ordinary, which displeased Nacky.

Mano then moved onto the girls’ job forecasts, and asked them who they thought would have the best fortune. Maimi guessed Chisato, citing her YouTube activities late last year. Mano pointed out Chisato’s brain-line goes downward, which signifies that she’s the type who gains power little by little. Moving on to Maimi’s, Mano showed that Maimi’s brain-line is short which means that she has an artistic sense.

Mano asked Maimi if she has an interest in song writing, and Maimi replied that she likes to write, but writing a song seems difficult. Mano said that she thinks Maimi would be good at song writing, since she always writes such nice things in her blog. Maimi seemed to get embarassed that Mano reads her updates, and thanked her for reading. Last is Nacky’s job forecast, which Mano again said is ordinary. However, there was one thing different than the other girls’, and that’s that Nacky’s brain-line and “life-line” overlap each other. Mano said that this signified that she has a lot of discretion, which the other girls confirmed as she is cautious with other people.

To end the segment, Mano said that they should all work hard so that they can achieve a balance.

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  1. arghhhhhhh… another Maimi x Mano moment.. >.> ( lol :p)

    thanks for this! i was wondering what they said when i watched it.. haha ^^

  2. oh thanks 😀
    wondered when this came… was waiting for it 😀

    maimi has an artistic sense… caus she lives in her own world right xD LOL

    Nakky xD ❤ !!!!!!!!

    id like mano to read my palm… xD lolz

  3. maimi’s “brain-line is short?!” xD mano trying to imply maimi is ditzy?! jk jk

    i take back what i said about palmistry section of the programme… with this line-up it was a fun watch! 😉

    of course, the mano-chan confession of being a regular reader of maimi’s blog posts is a great moment as pointed out!

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