Blog update: “Stray dog”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 4/18 blog update, titled “Stray dog“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The day before yesterday, when I returned home from the joint concert with S/mileage, this happened

My mom came to pick me up in the car, and when we reached the front of my house


she yelled out

“Look look Its huge

she told me and when I looked, in the darkness was a large black dog

He seemed about 1 meter…

I was surprised by the size of the dog too,

and this dog looked like it had gotten loose

It had a collar firmly around its neck

As I got out of the car,

“Hold on Be careful It might bite you

my mom said,

and when it heard the sound of the door opening, it turned towards me

My heart dropped,

but at that moment, its tail was wagging

“Oh, this doggie isn’t scary Cute

I thought

I got out of the car,
extended my hand, and it came towards me,

and it fawned on me

I want to raise a big dog like a Golden Retriever

is something I’ve thought…

This dog was a labrador, and was cute cute,

I started to want to take care of it

It had become attached to me, and watching that scene my mother looked relieved

“Then, what should we do from here

we started to discuss,

and for the time being, we put our pet dog Rookie in the house, and put the doggie in Rookie’s area

My mom contacted the police and asked if there were any reports of a missing dog, but unfortunately it seemed there wasn’t…

We’ll keep it here

the police said…

In the meantime, my mom and I gave it food and gently pet it

his coat is really nice, he trusts in humans, he becomes attached to anyone, and as I looked at that doggie

He must be treasured by his owners~

I understood

When the police came
his tail was wagging, and he looked happy riding in the car

At first
“Whoa It’s big~
the policeman was also surprised

“You’re clever, aren’t you
he remarked

The next day, we were contacted early in the morning,

and they had found the owners

The owners woke up in the morning,
and noticed their pet dog wasn’t there,

and it seems like they contacted the police

“That’s good~

I felt relieved

This is the second time a lost dog has come to our house

The first time was two black and white puppies…

I really love doggies

By the way, when our Rookie escaped we also relied on the police,

so I could understand how worried the owners were

At any rate, it’s good~

Anyway, I hope that dog gets to be raised healthy at its owner’s side

Alright Well then, I’m off

Today’s pictures
are from the day before yesterday’s joint concert

(1) Everyone in ℃-ute
(2) Opening outfit

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  1. what a long entry… really demonstrates how maimi loves her doggies! ❤ she is brave to approach a stray dog (albeit a domesticated one) but even the dog senses maimi's love and kindness.

    the thought that maimi is growing into a most beautiful lady can be clearly seen in the solo pic… wow!

    beautiful inside and out… there is no end to her amazingness, Yajima-sama!

    • Haha, it didn’t seem like the entry would ever end when I initially saw it and was scrolling down… But it was a really nice story and I always enjoy when Maimi gets carried away writing about something she really likes.

  2. So, this is a Koi no “not-Dan” no Monogatari.

  3. i’m actually afraid of dogs, even our own.. lol. x_x the only dog that i really loved and was able to pet and play with was our golden retriever.. but he died too soon.. 😦 anyway golden retrievers/Labradors are really friendly dogs and fun to play with! they are really a family dog.. ^^ glad they found the owners..

    what a clever, clever dog! he/she made a good decision.. i’d do the same.. LOL.. dog or not.. ^^;;

    • Haha, mmsuki, first your cousins, now your dogs?? You seem to have tough luck! Anyway, my current dog is a golden retriever, and I also had one who died when I was still little. If Maimi wants to raise one, I’ll gladly help her!!

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