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Maimi’s canned food genius, Part 3

Here are the previous recaps for this series of Bijo Gaku appearances:

Part 1 Part 2

Maimi, Captain, Maasa, and Mai returned for a third week of canned food study under the tutelage of canned foods expert Kurokawa Hayato on the “Extracurricular Lesson” segment of Bijo Gaku (aired on 3/17/2011), which immediately began with another quiz this week. Kurokawa showed the girls a can of “mentaiko” (walleyed pollack roe) called “Mentai Can”, and asked them to tell him what kind of fish mentaiko comes from. After a couple of incorrect guesses from the other girls, Captain asked Kurokawa for a hint. For the hint, Kurokawa pointed out the character on the can (Taizoo-kun) and read his profile, which contained information on his age (28) and hobbies (surfing, karaoke). As that hint clearly didn’t help any, Kurokawa offered another one, first telling the girls that the fish is called “_______dara”, and then “su_____dara”. With that hint, Maimi was able to correctly guess “suketoudara” (walleyed pollack) and won a bowl of mentaiko on rice. Captain asked Kurokawa what he was going to do with the remainder of the mentaiko, to which he replied that he was going to eat it himself afterwards.

For the next quiz Kurokawa brought out a can of “Matsusaka-gyu WHAT’S Curry”, a high-grade beef curry which is made from meat that is boiled for 3 days, and asked the girls to guess the price. Before the girls wrote down their answers, he offered the hint that each 810 gram can has 4 servings in it. With that in mind, Captain guessed 1980 yen, Maasa guessed 2200 yen, Maimi guessed 3500 yen (citing the luxury of the long cooking process as the reason for the high price), and Mai guessed 2400 yen. Kurokawa revealed that someone had guessed the price exactly, and it was Mai with her guess of 2400 yen. While enjoying her plate of curry, Mai feigned like she was going to share a spoonful with Maimi, but quickly pulled it away and ate it herself. Maimi commented that Mai pulled the spoon away too fast, though, as she hadn’t even opened her mouth yet.

Kurokawa had one more special canned food and rice dish to teach the girls about, and for that he took out a can of SPAM. Upon seeing the can, Maimi revealed that she really loves SPAM and has it in the morning for breakfast. Kurokawa then showed the girls how to prepare “SPAM and tuna Italian donburi”. The first step is to make a spread by mixing together tuna, anchovies, and mayonnaise. Then you spread it on top of a piece of SPAM and add black pepper and soy sauce. Kurokawa placed the SPAM on top of the bowl of rice with a “DON!” (the Japanese onomatopoeia for a loud thud), and Maimi tried to make a pun by saying “SPAM don” (“don” being short for “donburi”, a bowl of rice with food on top).

Like the weeks prior, the girls had to battle it out in a series of Rock-Paper-Scissors matches to see who’d be the lucky three to try the “SPAM and tuna Italian donburi”. The first winner was a jubilant Maimi, who avoided repeating her fate from last week by beating the three others’ paper with her scissors. Captain won the face-off with Maasa and Mai and secured a bowl for herself, leaving Maasa and Mai to battle each other for the final bowl. A nervous Mai tried to gather her composure, but ultimately lost to Maasa’s rock versus her scissors. As if being excluded from the meal wasn’t enough, Kurokawa then asked Mai to hand everyone the chopsticks that were next to her. Mai watched on with teary eyes as the winning girls sampled the SPAM donburi, and Maimi commented that the combination of flavors was really delicious and that she was really happy.

The canned food “Extracurricular Lesson” series came to an end with Kurokawa asking the girls to try to apply what they learned there at their homes, and with the girls thanking Kurokawa.

“Umikaze” cover preview, release date

The official Hello! Project site recently added a listing for Maimi’s e-Hello! series release “Umikaze” to its discography section. The listing gives us our first look at the DVD’s cover (seen above) and also lists the release date as March 27th (meaning, that’s the date it’ll ship to those who pre-ordered it through e-LineUP). The full listing can be seen here.

Update: Due to the earthquake on 3/11, the release date for “Umikaze” has been changed to 3/30.

3/13 update

Again today, the ℃-ute staff reported via Twitter and the official ℃-ute blog that there’d be no updates on the members’ blog or Serends, this time saying “for the time being”. They added that all of the members and the staff are taking this time to pray from their hearts for a return to peace for those who have been affected by this tragedy, and for the souls of those who have lost their lives.

3/12 update

℃-ute staff has posted an update on their Twitter and on the official ℃-ute blog that the break in the ℃-ute members’ updates on the blog and Serend continues, so again there will be no Daily Maimi article today. On a positive note, the staff also wrote that they contacted all of the members today, so we know that they’re still safe.

3/11 update

As I’m sure many of you heard by now, Japan was devestated by a magnitude 8.8 earthquake, it’s largest ever in recorded history, today. I’m not a journalist by any means, just a nerd who writes a silly fanblog, so I urge you to check with your country’s news sites for more information on the disaster.

Naturally, as fans of Maimi, ℃-ute, and Hello! Project, our concern extends to the girls that we celebrate and cheer for every day. Thankfully, the ℃-ute staff has confirmed both on Twitter and on the official ℃-ute blog that all the ℃-ute members are safe, and asked everyone not to worry.

Understandably, there was no blog or Serend updates from Maimi today, and as such there will be no Daily Maimi today. I want to urge everyone to offer as much support as you can to those affected by this tragedy, whether it be monetary, through volunteering, or through prayers. It’s hard to be positive after a shocking event like this, but let’s be thankful that those we know of are safe and hope for everyone’s continued safety.

Maimi’s canned food genius, Part 2

For part 1 of the Bijo Gaku recap “Maimi’s canned food genius”, please click here.

Maimi and the girls (Captain, Maasa, and Mai) were back again for another week of studying canned foods for the “Extracurricular Lesson” segment of “Bijo Gaku”. This episode picks up right where last week’s left off, and the girls were given another canned foods quiz. Their teacher, canned foods expert Kurokawa Hayato, brought out a can labelled “Teppou Jiru” and asked the girls to guess the main ingredient with the hint that it’s something famous from Hokkaido. Maasa instantly and correctly guessed “kani” (Japanese for crab), and as a result was presented with a piping hot bowl of “teppou jiru”. Unsure how to eat it initially, as the crab meat was still in the shell, Maasa shook a piece until the meat simply fell out. Captain asked why it was called “teppou jiru” (“teppou” is gun, “jiru/shiru” is soup), and Kurokawa explained that the motion for digging out the crab meat is similar to how guns used to be loaded a long time ago.

Onto the next question, Kurokawa presented the girls with a can that read “Ra Furansu” (“La France”, a special kind of pear from France). After Kurokawa verified that all of the girls knew what “ra furansu” was, he challenged them to draw a picture of one. The girls revealed their drawings one by one, and Kurokawa declared Maimi and Mai the winners and gave them each an assorted fruit bowl containing “ra furansu”. However, as Maasa and Captain pointed out, both of them went for other fruits first, with Mai eating the peach and Maimi eating the cherry.

It was then time for Kurokawa to introduce them to another canned food that goes well with rice, this time bringing out a can of mackerel. While opening the can, Kurokawa mentioned that mackerel and sardines are both rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). None of the girls seemed to understand what he was talking about, and Mai commented that it sounded like TPO (time/place/occasion). As Kurokawa was taking the mackerel out of the can, the girls expressed their amazement at how big the pieces were and how many were in the can. For this dish, dubbed “Sappari Saba Donburi” (simple mackerel on rice), the mackerel is first covered in a Japanese sauce made of soy sauce and citrus juice, then extra virgin olive oil, and is then topped with black pepper and placed on top of rice. Much like last week, there was only three bowls of rice on the counter.

To decide who’d get to eat the “sappari saba donburi”, the girls once again had to play rock-paper-scissors. This time, all the girls went at once and Captain won herself the first bowl by beating everyone else’s scissors with her rock. This left Maimi, Maasa, and Mai to challenge each other for the remaining two bowls, and much to Maimi’s shock, she lost and was excluded from the meal, despite her certainty that she was going to win. As the other girls enjoyed their meal while Maimi looked on, Captain tried to comment on the extra virgin olive oil, but stumbled on the pronunciation and instead said “extrura oba”. Maasa took no time in eating all of the mackerel and showed off her bowl that had only rice in it, but Mai, who had been excluded from most of the meals up to this point, one-upped her and showed off her completely empty bowl.

Maimi, Captain, Maasa, and Mai will continue their canned food studies on next week’s episode of Bijo Gaku (airing on 3/17).

Maimi Complete Albums available at HelloStoreUSA

Starting later this month, HelloStoreUSA will begin offering complete photo sets straight from the Hello Project Official Shop for special order. As stated on the HelloStoreUSA site:

Hello Project Official Shop keeps an inventory of photo sets for fans who want to build a complete collection of their favorite Hello! Project members. These photo sets do not sell out and are kept permanently in inventory.

Maimi has 5 albums that will be available for special order, ranging in price from 3USD (for an album that is only one photo from when she first joined H!P as part of H!P Kids) to 77USD (a 40 photo album that contains pictures from during the High-King period and Nakayoshi Battle Concert period, among others). Her full listing, along with previews of all the photos in the sets, can be seen here. More information on HelloStoreUSA special orders can be found here. (Note that all items for special order are listed as “Out-of-Stock” until the special order period begins).

Daily Maimi for 3/10: “Sneeze…”

In her update today at the official C-ute blog, titled “Sneeze…”, Maimi began by asking if everyone was able to deal with hayfever. She wrote that the pollen this year is unrivaled, as even her mom said she was suffering from itchy eyes yesterday. Maimi herself took some medicine to fight it, but continued to sneeze. She commented on the terrible power of pollen, and encouraged everyone to work hard alongside her so that they don’t lose to it. The subject then changed to the improvisational plays “Real Etude Minna no Ie Girl’s STAGE”, which Maimi went and saw yesterday. She saw Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko and Natsuyaki Miyabi’s performance yesterday, and some time before that she also saw Morning Musume’s Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa’s. Each time while watching the performances she thought, “That looks hard”, and that everyone’s performance of everday situations was really amazing. Yesterday’s performance was Momo and Miyabi acting out quarreling with their father. Maimi felt that the performances revealed the household situations of the two girls, and that Miya’s dad acts similar to Maimi’s mom. She had a lot of fun watching the performances, and wrote that when she went backstage to meet the girls there was a lot of nervousness (picture 1). Maimi thought it was only natural, though, as they had to perform without a script. She wrote that there was some more performances today, and congratulated all of Berryz on their hard work. Maimi then shared a picture from when she ran into Shimizu Saki and Miya at work earlier (picture 2), and again encouraged everyone to make it through the pollen together with her.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that she had sneezed 5 consecutive times. She later updated writing that her pet dog Cologne had big eyes and a cute face, and attempted to make an emoticon to represent her (which was Ц●ω●Ц). She then followed-up with a picture of Cologne (picture 3).

Maimi Sightings for 3/9

As Maimi mentioned in her Serend update today, she went and saw Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko and Natsuyaki Miaybi at the “Real Etude Minna no Ie Girl’s STAGE” event. Miyabi also noted Maimi’s visit at her own Serend mini-blog, “Miyabi’s Room“, and shared a 3-shot of the girls (picture 1). Miyabi wrote that Maimi brought some of her handmade roll cake, which she instantly finished because it was so delicious (picture 2). Lastly from Miyabi, a 2-shot with her and Maimi (picture 3). Maimi’s handmade roll cake then made another appearance, this time in Nacky’s blog entry titled “Hello~“, where Nacky wrote that Maimi brought some of the cake to their radio recording today (picture 4).

Daily Maimi for 3/9: “Completion”

After some quick comments on the nice weather today to start her entry at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that yesterday after returning home, she immediately started making a roll cake. As she had expected, making sweets is fun and the nice smell while making it put her in a happy mood. However, this also caused her pet dogs to start to crowd around. Maimi then explained that spreading the cream and red bean paste is extremely difficult, and that if you can successfully do it, the completed product should look like it does in picture 2. Maimi wrote that it was really delicious, and shared a picture from the “Hello! Channel” photoshoot where she learned how to make a roll cake (picture 3), adding that she looked too serious. After vowing to continue to tanobaru today, Maimi noted that the number of album songs she listened to while writing her entry yesterday was 13. She saw a lot of people express their surprise in the comments that only 2 songs had passed while she wrote her entry, but she assured everyone that she can’t update that fast.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that she went and saw Momo and Miyabi at “Real Etude Minna no Ie Girl’s STAGE” (picture 4). She wrote that it was interesting, and she had fun learning about the state of affairs at Momo and Miyabi’s houses.

Maimi’s profile pictures updated

Maimi, as with the rest of ℃-ute, has had her profile pictures updated at the official Hello! Project site to reflect the outfits for ℃-ute’s upcoming album “Chou WONDERFUL!⑥” and the accompanying tour. Her profile can be viewed here.

Daily Maimi for 3/8: “Recent supermarkets…”

Maimi’s entry today at the official ℃-ute blog began with Maimi commenting on the day’s nice weather and she then revealed that she was currently listening to ℃-ute’s upcoming album “Chou WONDERFUL!⑥”. At the time of writing, “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~” was playing, and she wondered what song will be playing when she’s done with the entry. She listed all the tracks on the album, and asked everyone to try to guess which song would be playing, with Maimi giving her vote to track number 5, “Rururururu”. Maimi then shared a picture from the photoshoot for the album’s cover (picture 1), and wrote that this time everyone had ponytails and wore silver outfits. The next picture was one from her work yesterday with Mai (picture 2). Maimi wrote that after work she went to the supermarket with her mother, and that she was in charge of carrying the bags. She expressed her amazement at modern supermarkets, referring in particular to how you can now scan the barcodes yourself. She read the comments on her Serend mini-blog on the subject yesterday, and found out it’s called “self-register”. As for what she bought, she got the ingredients to make “roll cakes”, so that she could practice what she learned when she worked at a patissier for the upcoming “Hello! Channel” magazine. When her and her mother went to check-out, they were surprised to see a line of self-registers, which they attempted to use. The sound of the “pi!!” when Maimi scanned an item gave her the feeling like she worked a register at a part-time job. She wrote that the days of anyone being able to do it have come, but that it was harder than she thought and took a while. Then, as they were leaving the supermarket after checking-out, they were relieved to see there was still regular registers to use. As for the roll cake, Maimi wondered if she could make it without any problems, and told everyone to stay tuned. Since her entry was almost finished at this point, Maimi announced that the song currently playing was “Midnight Temptation”. She unfortunately missed on her guess, and asked everyone how they did. Lastly, she asked everyone to tanobaru with her for the rest of the afternoon.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated showing off what she had for lunch (picture 3) and wrote that it was delicious. She then showed the successful results of her attempt at making a roll cake (picture 4).

Maimi’s “Kousui” cover coming to iTunes 3/23

Amongst the flurry of announcements Maimi made in her 3/7 blog entry was the news that she will be making a new contribution to the “Hello Cover” series on iTunes. This time around she will be singing Melon Kinenbi’s 7th single “Kousui”, and it will be added to her iTunes page on 3/23. (For her listing in your country, search 矢島舞美 in iTunes.)

Here is “Kousui” as originally performed by Melon Kinenbi:

Maimi Sightings for 3/7

Maimi made a couple more appearances in other ℃-ute members’ blogs today, the first being in Hagiwara Mai’s update “THE snow! Snow! SNOW!“, where Mai shared a picture she took from their work together today (picture 1). Maimi also appeared in a group shot from yesterday in Chisato’s entry “Happy Life” (picture 2).

Daily Maimi for 3/7: “Everyone!!”

In her update today on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that all the release events for “Kiss me Aishiteru” had finished. It was an event where the 5 members of ℃-ute gathered for the first time in awhile, and the amount of people who applied to attend the event made happy. Everyone’s smiles also gave Maimi a lot of happiness, and she wondered if those who weren’t able to come were able to feel ℃-ute’s power radiating from the event. The events made Maimi want to have a concert soon, but she noted that before that, there is a Yamada Denki event on the 12th, which she is looking forward too. In addition, there is the special event for her and Airi’s movies, “Keitai Kanojo” and “Black Angels” respectively, for which the application to attend the event starts today. Maimi wrote that she is looking forward to hearing Airi’s stories from her filming at the event, and that of course, she has stories to share too. She’s excited to find out what kind of event it will end up being, and asked those who have the time to please come to the event. Also, Maimi revealed that on 3/23, she will contribute another song to the “Hello Cover” series on iTunes. This time, Maimi sings Melon Kinenbi’s “Kousui” and she asked everyone to please definitely check it out. Then, Maimi announced that ℃-ute now has an official fan-page on Facebook, accessible at Realizing that her update had become all about news announcements, she thanked those who read it. She ended her update by hoping that everyone stays warm and doesn’t become sick on this cold day.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that she was at the supermarket shopping with her mom. She later expressed her amazement at what supermarkets were like now, and wrote that she scanned the barcodes herself. She then revealed that she bought macarons (picture 3).