The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/31 entry on the official ℃-ute blog:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of movies on DVD

Each and everyone one of them was a wonderful work

and today I will introduce you to one of my recommendations from them

…so I say, but there’s probably a lot of people who can say “I’ve already seen it“…

It’s “Cinderella Man”

This tale is a boxing tale

Based on a true story, that appealed to me and I rented it

Until the very end I was glued to the screen

The setting is during a recession in America, and a husband boxes in order to protect his family.

A wife who can’t bear the worry of seeing her beloved husband come home every day covered in injuries.

I’m a girl, but if I was in the husband’s position,

It’s dangerous, but in order to support the household I’d have no choice but to fight

On the other hand, if I was in the wife’s position, I think I’d hate seeing my husband in dangerous situations…

I understand both of their feelings, so it made me think a lot

But finally the wife pushed down her harsh feelings and supported her husband…

Crawling up from many hardships, a husband fighting for the sake of his family, and before you realize it he’s giving hope not just to his family, but to people all over the world… It’s a really amazing story

Family love,
a person’s kind heart,
not sparing any effort…

All of it was moving

And then, for those reasons, this person inspired the hearts of many people…

Since it’s a true story, it’s amazing

What a wonderful married couple, and they were real people… that moved me

It was a movie that gave me a lot of power to work hard

Ah… Though there are other movies I also want to talk about…

I wrote too much

Sooo… that will be some other time…

Well well, today I’ll continue to work hard

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  1. I’ll have to watch Cinderella Man on Maimi’s recommendation ASAP!

    Thanks for the translation!

  2. OMG!! i love that movie!! its one of my favorites by Russel Crowe, the other one is Gladiator.. 😀

    Good recommendation Maimi!! ^^

  3. even though it stars the pretentious pompous oaf that is Mr Crowe (i concede that he’s been in some decent films and is an ok actor), i may give this film a watch after that raving review…

    saying that, i do not always see eye to eye with maimi’s tastes in movies (or food – that Spam-dom wasn’t anywhere near as amazing as she made out!), it does sound worthy of a watch…

    what it does do is reaffirm that maimi has more refined and mature tastes than the rest of her group and seems a romantic at heart… oh maimi! ❤

    • lol.. not a Russel Crowe fan?.. xD neither am I, but I do like/love his movies.. :p plus in Cinderella Man he co-stars with Renee Zellweger – another good actor/actress- if thats any consolation.. ^^

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