℃-ute news for 3/31: New single, Team After School

Since ℃-ute news generally involves Maimi, I’ve felt like I should post about it here, but at the same time I didn’t want to dilute the Maimi focus of the site. So to compromise, I’ve decided to do daily updates (assuming there’s news for the day) recapping general ℃-ute news in short in a single post. I had originally planned to wait until April to start doing it, but decided to jump the gun due to this news coming out today:

℃-ute new single “Momoiro Sparkling” to be released 5/25
Three versions (limited A, B, and regular) and a single V released on 6/1. Described as a “fresh”, “early summer” tune.

℃-ute is “Team After School” for NHK World’s “Int’l After School”
Upcoming (seemingly) English-language program. Everyone can send in responses to ℃-ute’s questions here. Air date TBD.

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  1. even though there’s a fishy smell (no not just because of my Spam-dom lunch (had ingredients left over which i had to use up!) with april fool’s just around the corner… could still be true?! lol

    either way, my credit card is out of my wallet on the ready… ;P

    • actually with it being available to order on a shopping site i retract the april fools comment! ^_^”

      • Haha, the thought that it could’ve been fake hadn’t even crossed my mind. I guess I should be careful when looking for news this next day…

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