The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/30 update on the official ℃-ute blog:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Earlier, the medicine I take every day for my hayfever looked like it was going to run out

I decided to go to the hospital

and since my mom was riding on the bike, I walked to the hospital

There’s a hospital that’s about a 10 minute walk away

But when I got close to the hospital, the hospital appeared to be closed for some reason

Confused, I took out my patient registration ticket and checked the consultation hours

and the afternoon consultation time was still one hour away

There was nothing to do nearby, so I reluctantly returned home…

Then, after returning home I waited for some time, and once again left the house

10 minutes later…

Again when I could see the hospital, the entrance looked the same, and for some reason the entrance curtains were still closed…

“Eh How come
I thought as I stepped up to the entrance, and written on the door was “No medical examinations this afternoon”…(._.)

It was a SHOCK!

…I convinced myself that I walked 40 minutes for my health, and returned home…

Confirming things before hand is important

I gotta get it together …though I’ve said that many times before…

Absolutely, I gotta get it together

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  1. Ahh.. poor little Maimi. So bad luck

  2. oh what a tale of misfortune for our maimi-chan! ^_^”

    my door is always open maimi… i wouldn’t turn you away no matter the opening times 😉

    but i guess it gave her a cardiovascular workout to help her keep her tip-top athletic prowess!
    ganbatte, maimi-chan! ♥

    • Haha, I’d hope that your hospital would be open when she got there. That’d be quite aways for her to turn around and walk back if it wasn’t!

      • well our angel has wings so she could fly back if i inexplicably turn her away from my clinic… but of course, it’s maimi… my door’s never closed if it’s her! ^_^<3

  3. Maimi, don’t worry about it.. you are adorable like that.. :))
    that happened to me a couple of times, i get mad but in the end i just laugh about it.. :p

    thank you B.G. for this wonderful translation.. ^^

    • No problem, thanks for the comment!

      Yeah, I think all of us at one time have made a similar mistake. I know I once walked for an hour in the wrong direction…

      But if we think about it, a 10 minute walk (even made 4 times…) is probably really nothing to the Legend of Yajima. I doubt she even broke a sweat!

      • of course of course!! this is the Legendary Yajima after all.. lol.. xDD
        she does back flips, front handsprings,tumblings in her sleep, have an abs of steel and wins multiple races.. ^^
        a 40 minute walk is literally a walk in a park for her.. :))

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