Maimi’s “Kousui” added to iTunes

Maimi’s “Hello Cover” version of Melon Kinenbi’s 7th single “Kousui” (“Perfume”) was added to her Japanese iTunes listing today, after initially being delayed due to the 3/11 earthquake. The song only costs ¥150, as opposed to the ¥200 price of the other songs, but it’s yet to be seen if the lower price will also apply to other countries as “Kousui” hasn’t been added to any other listings yet. The U.S. listing for Maimi’s songs can be found here, and to find her songs in your country, search 矢島舞美(℃-ute) in iTunes.

UPDATE: “Kousui” is now available on the U.S. iTunes for the cost of $0.99.

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  1. just been listening to it 😉
    prob out in US too then..

    nice change in pace for maimi… different from her usual!
    amazing as always though!

    • Nah, it’s not yet. Maybe it’s set up to automatically be added at midnight on 3/30 in the particular area… I can’t imagine any other reason that Europe would get something before the U.S.!!! lol

      • well when it comes to japanese exports we’ve had it tough for long enough… many a time i wanted the latest japanese RPG for my SNES to be denied or asked to wait months after a US release had already happened… this is minor revenge!
        no. no i’m not bitter at all! ;P

        BTW, seems the cost has been put back up to 200 JPY
        but either way, $1 or 200 JPY (or £0.79), that’s a bargain for a slice of happiness! 😉

        for those who haven’t already… BUY IT NOW!

      • oh and like the banner (^_^).I≡

  2. Haha, ryujinmaru, the real thing to worry about will be to see who gets a C-ute performance first. Hopefully when Maimi talks about wanting to go to Paris, she’s referring to one of the 15 cities named that in the U.S.!! (I heard Paris, Ohio is just as nice as the one in France, Maimi…)

    And thanks for the comments on the banner. I really, really like “Kousui”, I think it’s probably one of her best solo performances ever, so I want to bring it to the attention of as many Maimi fans as possible. The original Kousui is already a great song, and to hear Maimi do some amazing things with her voice in her cover makes it even better.

  3. haha… yeah yeah, everyone knows which paris is the more cultured and revered… probably the ones in the states! but maimi still means paris in france ;P

    Kousui really is a different type of song for maimi and i’m sure for her it posed a different challenge… but once again she passed with flying colours! 🙂
    with the rave of ai-chan singing the ayaya song “dearest” amongst a few fellow H!O members, i hope maimi will cover that too. but TBH i’m just glad she released a song… nakky and maimai don’t have any Hello! cover releases! (ok, they’re probably not considered the front runners in C-ute but i’m itching to spend my hard-earned cash!

    • I think of all the songs that seem to be in the Hello Cover “pool”, I’d most like to hear her try “Akai Nikkichou” and “Furusato”. But more than that, I’d like her to do a new song that everyone hasn’t done already. I can only have so many versions of Akai Nikkichou on my mp3 player before it starts to get ridiculous…

      • oh yes, those would be awesome choices 😉
        but i agree, a new song would be even better… there’s already so much duplication. UFA really are milking it to say the least!

        but once maimi’s version of “Akai Nikkichou” is out, why would you even need any other version on your MP3 player? ;P

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