“Kiss me Aishiteru” (Yajima Maimi Solo Ver.)

The official ℃-ute YouTube channel has added Maimi’s, along with all the other ℃-ute members’, solo version of “Kiss me Aishiteru” found on the Event V. Different than the usual solo versions which featured just a close-up shot of the girls, the “Kiss me Aishiteru” solo versions includes shots from the “Ball Chair”, “Metal Balloon”, “Dance Shot”, and “Close-up” versions of the video.

Don’t forget to “Like” and favorite the video sometime during your multiple viewings!

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  1. the “like” and “favourite” are a given…
    have been playing it countless times already! ^_^”

    • also, i’ve mentioned this before, but the solo versions of this single is more imaginative than the previous ones with different angles… not that a close-up version of maimi wouldn’t be awesome anyway! but am liking the change 😉

      • It’s definitely more imaginative, and for a song where Maimi probably wouldn’t be as active in the close-up version (see also: Aitai Lonely Christmas) it’s probably the better choice. If it’s an upbeat song, though, I think I’d prefer the old style so that we could get the whole range of fun Maimi expressions and smiles. (Meguru Koi no Kisetsu, Campus Life, and Dance de Bakoon! are probably my favorites for that.)

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