“A little more♪”

The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/29 update on the official ℃-ute blog:

It’s Maimi

The piano I play when I have free time…

At last I can play it perfectly but,

singing while playing is really hard~ is how I’m feeling

I still gotta put in a lot more practice…

When I concentrate on singing my fingers won’t move on their own, so it’s no good

If I perfect the song I’m practicing now, I think I’ll try to challenge a new song

With my simple feeling of “I want to touch the keys

I asked my parents, and from 2nd to 5th grade they let me learn piano…

but I didn’t improve much at all

While looking at the score move your hands, that sort of thing I couldn’t do, and I’d always have to forcibly memorize the finger movements in my head

My close friend is really great at playing piano, and when we’d sing in a chorus at school, she’d always play the piano

Since I loved her piano playing, when we’d spend time together I’d often ask her “Play Play

Now, for the first time in years I can play the piano perfectly,

and I will work hard so that someday I can see my dream of playing in front of everyone

…when I imagine that scene, it reminds me of the nervousness I had at piano recitals (lol)

I wanted to go home…(lol)

Well well, last is a picture of the piano at my house which I am indebted to… (1)

Today is Satoda Mai’s birthday
She’s kind, and she often talks to me… she’s a senior I love

Happy birthday

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  1. woah another blog so soon?! not used to this after the long break without C-ute blogs! 😮

    and maimi, even though you can’t multitask whilst playing the piano and you can’t play by simply reading the musical score… i’m sure it would still be great!
    but with maimi desperate to improve her piano skills, i see a gap in her defence where mano eri could exploit… XD

    • It seems like they’ve gotten back to the daily updates pretty quickly. Now for their Serends…

      Haha, naturally when I think of Maimi and pianos Mano Erina enters my mind somewhere along the line too. I really would like to see a Maimi piano performance though, probably as much as she wants to perform for everyone! The sight of an elegant woman like Maimi playing an elegant instrument like a piano…

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