Details of Maimi’s earthquake experience

On the most recent broadcast of Maimi’s regular FM PORT radio show “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My Me~ Maimi” (aired on 3/25), Maimi revealed some details of her experience during the devestating earthquake that struck Japan on 3/11.

First, in response to mail from a listener called “Taka-san” who asked if Maimi’s house was alright, Maimi said that she wasn’t actually at home during the earthquake, the biggest of her life, but that it had knocked down the pictures and toppled the dresser in her room. Before she returned home, however, her family had fixed everything. Maimi thanked everyone who sent in messages and expressed concern about her family’s safety.

Next, she read mail from a listener called “Machapani-san” who asked how Maimi was doing, and shared how they were worried about the people they knew in Fukushima. Maimi said that she could relate, as her grandparents also live in the Tohoku region. Maimi was riding on a train when the earthquake happened, so she couldn’t immediately find out where it hit. She overheard those around her talking about checking the TV on their cellphones, so she did the same. When she learned of where the earthquake had hit the hardest, she was extremely worried about her grandparents, but couldn’t contact them due to the phonelines being jammed. She was eventually able to get into contact with some of her relatives, and reported that her grandparents are alright.

Maimi then read mail from a listener called “Maimiyabi-san”, which was sent on the day of the earthquake, 3/11. They wrote that because of the earthquake, they were currently stuck at work and couldn’t return home. Despite the anxious night, listening to Maimi’s voice on the radio was comforting him. Maimi thanked him for his comments, and said that she saw a lot on the news about people who weren’t able to return home for various reasons, or were trying to return home by walking or biking. Maimi herself was quite aways from home, and couldn’t return because the trains had all stopped. After waiting for some hours, her older brother eventually came and picked her up by car. Maimi then said that she was extremely happy that her voice was able to bring someone comfort at such a troubling time.

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  1. wow a great post to translate what was said on the radio show! thanks! 😉
    knowing what was said i can see why you decided to translate it… there was much personal info and experience. we get a clearer insight on how the natural disaster had affected her, both directly and indirectly. maimi always putting others’ feelings ahead of hers in her natural selfless, kind-hearted personality

    • No problem. Actually, it was part of a larger translation (or more accurately, summary) that I was working on, since I’ve felt like the site is incomplete without any translations of her radio program. There was some stuff I just couldn’t get despite many, many listens (radio is hard for me, especially solo radio), but I thought that these things absolutely had to be shared with everyone. Hopefully when the regular radio format returns with all the regular corners it’ll be a little easier.

      I personally really liked the message from Maimiyabi-san; what a great compliment for Maimi to receive.

      • i’m sure maimi would certainly feel honoured to hear such a compliment, and i’m really thankful on maimi’s behalf for his comments… knowing maimi, she would love to be of some help to the plight of those affected and knowing she was of benefit to someone would no doubt fill her with pride and happiness…
        smile, and the whole world smiles with you maimi! (^_^)<3

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