The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/28 post on the official ℃-ute blog:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Today there were rehearsals for the ℃-ute and S/mileage combination concert

It was planned for this concert to start on 4/9 but

the performances on the 9th and 10th at Nippon Seinenkan have been suspended.

Those who were looking forward to it, I’m very sorry.

The start of the concert will now be the performance in Nagoya on the 16th

I want to have a concert that makes as many people as possible able to smile

So that we can also reach those who can’t come, I will stand on the stage with all of my power

During a break in the rehearsal, I took a picture with all of the members…


I hope that ℃-ute’s smile will reach everyone

And then… I hope my smile will also reach everyone…


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  1. ahh, the resumption of regular C-ute and therefore maimi posts! 😀

    great to see them all looking well and hope they’ve recovered somewhat and are back to the spirit of things ^_^

    • Yeah, seeing Maimi’s first smiling picture since the earthquake did a lot to lift my spirits, and I’m sure it did others too. I bet that first concert is going to be a really great one, and probably emotional too. Even though I’m not a fan of S/mileage, I wish I could see it…

      • indeed… likewise 😉
        and the concert would be great to be part of, especially that first one, which as you say, will undoubtedly be full of emotion. S/mileage doesn’t really jangle my interest either, but i would love to see it nonetheless

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