Maimi’s message on behalf of ℃-ute

Up-Front Agency, the agency that represents ℃-ute and other H!P acts, has created a page with messages from their talent in regards to the earthquake and tsunami that devestated Japan on March 11th. As each of the Hello! Project units were represented by their leaders, Maimi wrote a message on behalf of ℃-ute. Here is her message, translated:

We humbly offer our sincerest condolences to the families and relatives of those who lost their lives in the earthquake. And to those who were a victim of the disaster, we offer our heart-felt sympathy.

Even now on the news, there’s unbelievable scenes from the location of the disaster.

There, everyone in the striken area is looking ahead and moving forward hand-in-hand.

Though we can’t imagine their troubled thoughts, there is the powerful feeling that everyone there is uniting and living with strength.

That sight, it encouraged me to change my attitude to
“We can’t worry forever. We must work hard at what we can do.”, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

I also feel like there are people who are working hard right now in places not reported on.

So that we can be helpful to those in the stricken areas, we will do what we can with all our might.

In hopes that the disaster area recovers even one day sooner, and that those there can return to their regular lives even one day sooner, we will pray.

℃-ute leader
Yajima Maimi

Her original Japanese message, along with everyone else’s messages, can be read here.

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  1. thanks 😉

    an inspirational post once again from the leader of C-ute! ^_^

  2. thanks once again 😉

    an inspirational post once again from the leader of C-ute! (^_^) ❤

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