Second “Piramekid” DVD details

Details of the second “Piramekid” DVD have been released at the “Piramekiino” discography section at the Yoshimoto R and C website. The second DVD in the series will be released on 5/25 and contain episodes 8 through 14.

For those who are unfamiliar with “Piramekid”, Maimi portrays the character Momokawa Momoko. Momoko is short-tempered and quick to hit those who raise her ire with her pink harisen, but reveals her softer side whenever her love Piramekid shows up to save the day.

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  1. Magical Maimi Moments in the piramekid series. would’ve really loved to have seen a second series though…

    • I was holding out hope that it’d live on some other way now sinc Piramekiino G was cancelled, but as we get closer to the anniversary of the first episode that’s looking more and more unlikely…

      At least we still have the first season to enjoy endlessly!

      • indeed… after all, who really cares what actually happens to Piramekid anyway! all eyes were on momoko instead! ^_^ ❤

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