Maimi’s first post-earthquake comments

Maimi joined Nacky as the guest this Tuesday (3/22) on ℃-ute’s “FIVE STARS” radio program on InterFM, which was recorded after the 3/11 earthquake that devastated Japan. As all group activity has been suspended for the time being (including ℃-ute’s blog and the members’ Serends) and Maimi’s own radio program is recorded well in advance, this episode of “FIVE STARS” marks her first comments since the disaster. Maimi acknowledged everyone’s concern, but assured everyone that all the members of ℃-ute are healthy and asked them to please not be worried.

If you’d like to listen to a recording of the program (music removed), a download can be found here (Mediafire link). Credit to for the original upload.

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  1. thanks for the music removed version. it’s great to hear from maimi herself that she is safe and sound with the rest of the C-uties ^_^

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