Maimi’s canned food genius, Part 3

Here are the previous recaps for this series of Bijo Gaku appearances:

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Maimi, Captain, Maasa, and Mai returned for a third week of canned food study under the tutelage of canned foods expert Kurokawa Hayato on the “Extracurricular Lesson” segment of Bijo Gaku (aired on 3/17/2011), which immediately began with another quiz this week. Kurokawa showed the girls a can of “mentaiko” (walleyed pollack roe) called “Mentai Can”, and asked them to tell him what kind of fish mentaiko comes from. After a couple of incorrect guesses from the other girls, Captain asked Kurokawa for a hint. For the hint, Kurokawa pointed out the character on the can (Taizoo-kun) and read his profile, which contained information on his age (28) and hobbies (surfing, karaoke). As that hint clearly didn’t help any, Kurokawa offered another one, first telling the girls that the fish is called “_______dara”, and then “su_____dara”. With that hint, Maimi was able to correctly guess “suketoudara” (walleyed pollack) and won a bowl of mentaiko on rice. Captain asked Kurokawa what he was going to do with the remainder of the mentaiko, to which he replied that he was going to eat it himself afterwards.

For the next quiz Kurokawa brought out a can of “Matsusaka-gyu WHAT’S Curry”, a high-grade beef curry which is made from meat that is boiled for 3 days, and asked the girls to guess the price. Before the girls wrote down their answers, he offered the hint that each 810 gram can has 4 servings in it. With that in mind, Captain guessed 1980 yen, Maasa guessed 2200 yen, Maimi guessed 3500 yen (citing the luxury of the long cooking process as the reason for the high price), and Mai guessed 2400 yen. Kurokawa revealed that someone had guessed the price exactly, and it was Mai with her guess of 2400 yen. While enjoying her plate of curry, Mai feigned like she was going to share a spoonful with Maimi, but quickly pulled it away and ate it herself. Maimi commented that Mai pulled the spoon away too fast, though, as she hadn’t even opened her mouth yet.

Kurokawa had one more special canned food and rice dish to teach the girls about, and for that he took out a can of SPAM. Upon seeing the can, Maimi revealed that she really loves SPAM and has it in the morning for breakfast. Kurokawa then showed the girls how to prepare “SPAM and tuna Italian donburi”. The first step is to make a spread by mixing together tuna, anchovies, and mayonnaise. Then you spread it on top of a piece of SPAM and add black pepper and soy sauce. Kurokawa placed the SPAM on top of the bowl of rice with a “DON!” (the Japanese onomatopoeia for a loud thud), and Maimi tried to make a pun by saying “SPAM don” (“don” being short for “donburi”, a bowl of rice with food on top).

Like the weeks prior, the girls had to battle it out in a series of Rock-Paper-Scissors matches to see who’d be the lucky three to try the “SPAM and tuna Italian donburi”. The first winner was a jubilant Maimi, who avoided repeating her fate from last week by beating the three others’ paper with her scissors. Captain won the face-off with Maasa and Mai and secured a bowl for herself, leaving Maasa and Mai to battle each other for the final bowl. A nervous Mai tried to gather her composure, but ultimately lost to Maasa’s rock versus her scissors. As if being excluded from the meal wasn’t enough, Kurokawa then asked Mai to hand everyone the chopsticks that were next to her. Mai watched on with teary eyes as the winning girls sampled the SPAM donburi, and Maimi commented that the combination of flavors was really delicious and that she was really happy.

The canned food “Extracurricular Lesson” series came to an end with Kurokawa asking the girls to try to apply what they learned there at their homes, and with the girls thanking Kurokawa.

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  1. thnx for the ”translation”/summary 😀
    i finally get to understand what was said 😀

    • No problem, I know how confusing these things can be to follow sometimes if you aren’t familiar with the language (and sometimes even if you are familiar with the language lol).

  2. oh the beauty of maimi’s pun attempt of SPAM-don would’ve been lost on me without these translation! 😀
    i really love these segments. even though the topics don’t exactly capture the imagination all that much, merely seeing the H!P members interacting with each other outside of the concert setting is great 😉

    soon after i watched this part and before your translation, i had already readied the relevant ingredients for the SPAM-don, just to sample what maimi is raving on about… SPAM check, tuna check, anchovies check, mayo check, rice check, black pepper check… all set! i’ll make it tomorrow… itadakimasu! ¦3

    • Haha, you’re a lot braver than I am. The Italian donburi was one of the most unappealing things to me in these segments (I think the anchovies is where they lost me). I’m more than happy to just settle down with a simple plate of beef curry! (Though I can’t count on Mai to share any…)

      • i wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but it tasted surprising good!
        still, i would probably prefer the beef curry too… but yes, with maimai next to me… ¬¬

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