Maimi’s canned food genius

Maimi appeared on this week’s “Extracurricular Lesson” segment on “Bijo Gaku”, along with Berryz Koubou’s “Captain” Shimizu Saki, Sudou Maasa, and fellow ℃-ute member Hagiwara Mai. The segment kicked off with Captain attempting to juggle a couple cans of food, which worried the other members around her. After announcing that today’s theme is “canned food”, Captain introduced their teacher for the day, canned food expert Kurokawa Hayato.

From there, the five of them headed to a canned food restaraunt called “Slow Comedy Factory”. The girls were amazed by the amount and variety of canned food in the restaraunt, with Mai remarking that is was a “canned food paradise”. Kurokawa-sensei introducted the girls to several kinds of the canned food there, including “Iwashi Umezuni”, sardines cooked in plum juice. He asked Captain to read the label, which had a pun in Japanese (“These sardines are good”/”Kono Iwashi Umeetsu”).

The girls then took a seat at the counter so they could sample some of the canned food dishes. First up was Kurokawa’s specialty, “Creamy Yakitori Donburi” (“yakitori” is grilled chicken, and “donburi” refers to dishes served on top of rice). To make this dish, Kurokawa first added a small amount of cinnamon (though the girls thought it was a lot), and then heated the can in the oven for 2 minutes before adding in coffee cream.

As Kurokawa was putting the creamy yakitori on the rice, Captain noticed that there was only three bowls of rice. The girls then found out that they’d have to play “Rock-Paper-Scissors” to decide who’d be the one left out. Maasa beat Captain to start, and Maimi beat Mai despite her giggling, leaving Captain and Mai to battle for 3rd place. Captain took the victory, and joined Maimi and Maasa in tasting the creamy yakitori donburi. Maimi enjoyed it so much, that she said she planned to tell her family about it.

Next, the girls were presented with a can of “unagi”, or eel. Those who could correctly answer the question would get to try “unagi donburi”. They were asked to guess where the canned ungai was made, and given the hint “Mt. Fuji”. Captain, Maimi, and Maasa all correctly guessed Shizuoka, where Mt. Fuji is located, while Mai incorrectly guessed Hokkaido, again excluding her from the meal. While eating the unagi donburi, Maimi noted that she usually dislikes eating unagi, but was able to eat that.

For their last challenge, Kurokawa showed the girls a can that was labelled simply “Ichigoni” and asked them to guess the ingredients (he noted that they weren’t “ichigo”, or strawberries). Amazingly, Maimi was able to guess both of the ingredients, “uni” (sea urchin) and “awabi” (abalone), from the hints given. Maimi alone got to taste the soup which, despite her curious reaction, she assured everyone was delicious and recommended they try it.

The girls will continue their study of canned food on next week’s episode of Bijo Gaku.

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  1. i know you do it as a hobby, but translating this made it all the more enjoyable to watch… many a thanks 😉

    it’s easy to get the general gist of the show, but knowing the details makes it even more rewarding ^_^

    i actually feel for poor maimai this time! but so glad maimi did so much better than she did in the Etiquette and Korean themed episodes… she got to eat so much this time! gambatte for next week, maimi!

    • Haha, yeah, I was thinking that too. She had such bad luck on those episodes and the only time she got to eat was that one time on the Korea town episode where the teacher felt sorry for her lol.

      If that last screenshot is any indication (when she correctly guessed “awabi”), she was surprised and happy at the change in her luck too.

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