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The following is a translation of Maimi’s update for 4/1 on the official ℃-ute blog:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, I received
Yajima Maimi solo DVD “Umikaze” (1)

This time the DVD was filmed in Izu…

The filming was at the time of “I will turn 19 in a few more days“,

so it’s really the last of me at 18,

from here you can see me approach adulthood a little bit as I turn 19…

I think

Having said that, I was able to relax and have fun while filming

Because the place we filmed was a nice place with lots of nature scenery,

that alone put me in high spirits

The house studio that we used for filming was a Western-style, amazingly beautiful building

The manager of the place is a really kind person who is good at cooking…

During a break in the filming we were given freshly baked cakes and scones

They were delicious~

Oh yes
The lunch boxes from the store were also delicious

I was surprised that there was fried crab in it

because it was the first time I had fried crab…

Well then, from here, filming offshots…

(2) First is the pure white one-piece

White is a color I love Filmed while feeling nature’s wind

The background of the offshot is a balcony where you have an uninterrupted view of the scenery

I had a “fresh” image within me when we filmed this scene

(3) This is the blue outfit

Wearing this outfit we filmed in the house studio’s garden

This had an image of feeling “spirited”

After filming I went to eat seafood with the staff…

Everything looked delicious…

At last I went with the shrimp fry

But I also wanted to eat the sashimi The make-up artist game me a little bit of their’s

…Here’s the picture of that dinner

is what I want to say, but the picture… I forgot to take it

I realized after I finished eating

Please forgive me…

All told, filming was fun and I was also given delicious food

OK Today I will go and give it my all

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℃-ute news for 3/31: New single, Team After School

Since ℃-ute news generally involves Maimi, I’ve felt like I should post about it here, but at the same time I didn’t want to dilute the Maimi focus of the site. So to compromise, I’ve decided to do daily updates (assuming there’s news for the day) recapping general ℃-ute news in short in a single post. I had originally planned to wait until April to start doing it, but decided to jump the gun due to this news coming out today:

℃-ute new single “Momoiro Sparkling” to be released 5/25
Three versions (limited A, B, and regular) and a single V released on 6/1. Described as a “fresh”, “early summer” tune.

℃-ute is “Team After School” for NHK World’s “Int’l After School”
Upcoming (seemingly) English-language program. Everyone can send in responses to ℃-ute’s questions here. Air date TBD.

“Ran -2011 New version!!-” flyer

The site for Maimi’s play “Ran -2011 New version!!-” has added images of the flyer for the upcoming production. The play, which stars Maimi as the titular character, will begin on 5/22. More information can be found at the official site.

Update (4/01): Larger versions of the flyer have been posted at Hata Takehiko’s blog:


The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/31 entry on the official ℃-ute blog:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of movies on DVD

Each and everyone one of them was a wonderful work

and today I will introduce you to one of my recommendations from them

…so I say, but there’s probably a lot of people who can say “I’ve already seen it“…

It’s “Cinderella Man”

This tale is a boxing tale

Based on a true story, that appealed to me and I rented it

Until the very end I was glued to the screen

The setting is during a recession in America, and a husband boxes in order to protect his family.

A wife who can’t bear the worry of seeing her beloved husband come home every day covered in injuries.

I’m a girl, but if I was in the husband’s position,

It’s dangerous, but in order to support the household I’d have no choice but to fight

On the other hand, if I was in the wife’s position, I think I’d hate seeing my husband in dangerous situations…

I understand both of their feelings, so it made me think a lot

But finally the wife pushed down her harsh feelings and supported her husband…

Crawling up from many hardships, a husband fighting for the sake of his family, and before you realize it he’s giving hope not just to his family, but to people all over the world… It’s a really amazing story

Family love,
a person’s kind heart,
not sparing any effort…

All of it was moving

And then, for those reasons, this person inspired the hearts of many people…

Since it’s a true story, it’s amazing

What a wonderful married couple, and they were real people… that moved me

It was a movie that gave me a lot of power to work hard

Ah… Though there are other movies I also want to talk about…

I wrote too much

Sooo… that will be some other time…

Well well, today I’ll continue to work hard

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The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/30 update on the official ℃-ute blog:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Earlier, the medicine I take every day for my hayfever looked like it was going to run out

I decided to go to the hospital

and since my mom was riding on the bike, I walked to the hospital

There’s a hospital that’s about a 10 minute walk away

But when I got close to the hospital, the hospital appeared to be closed for some reason

Confused, I took out my patient registration ticket and checked the consultation hours

and the afternoon consultation time was still one hour away

There was nothing to do nearby, so I reluctantly returned home…

Then, after returning home I waited for some time, and once again left the house

10 minutes later…

Again when I could see the hospital, the entrance looked the same, and for some reason the entrance curtains were still closed…

“Eh How come
I thought as I stepped up to the entrance, and written on the door was “No medical examinations this afternoon”…(._.)

It was a SHOCK!

…I convinced myself that I walked 40 minutes for my health, and returned home…

Confirming things before hand is important

I gotta get it together …though I’ve said that many times before…

Absolutely, I gotta get it together

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Maimi’s “Kousui” added to iTunes

Maimi’s “Hello Cover” version of Melon Kinenbi’s 7th single “Kousui” (“Perfume”) was added to her Japanese iTunes listing today, after initially being delayed due to the 3/11 earthquake. The song only costs ¥150, as opposed to the ¥200 price of the other songs, but it’s yet to be seen if the lower price will also apply to other countries as “Kousui” hasn’t been added to any other listings yet. The U.S. listing for Maimi’s songs can be found here, and to find her songs in your country, search 矢島舞美(℃-ute) in iTunes.

UPDATE: “Kousui” is now available on the U.S. iTunes for the cost of $0.99.

“Kiss me Aishiteru” (Yajima Maimi Solo Ver.)

The official ℃-ute YouTube channel has added Maimi’s, along with all the other ℃-ute members’, solo version of “Kiss me Aishiteru” found on the Event V. Different than the usual solo versions which featured just a close-up shot of the girls, the “Kiss me Aishiteru” solo versions includes shots from the “Ball Chair”, “Metal Balloon”, “Dance Shot”, and “Close-up” versions of the video.

Don’t forget to “Like” and favorite the video sometime during your multiple viewings!

“A little more♪”

The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/29 update on the official ℃-ute blog:

It’s Maimi

The piano I play when I have free time…

At last I can play it perfectly but,

singing while playing is really hard~ is how I’m feeling

I still gotta put in a lot more practice…

When I concentrate on singing my fingers won’t move on their own, so it’s no good

If I perfect the song I’m practicing now, I think I’ll try to challenge a new song

With my simple feeling of “I want to touch the keys

I asked my parents, and from 2nd to 5th grade they let me learn piano…

but I didn’t improve much at all

While looking at the score move your hands, that sort of thing I couldn’t do, and I’d always have to forcibly memorize the finger movements in my head

My close friend is really great at playing piano, and when we’d sing in a chorus at school, she’d always play the piano

Since I loved her piano playing, when we’d spend time together I’d often ask her “Play Play

Now, for the first time in years I can play the piano perfectly,

and I will work hard so that someday I can see my dream of playing in front of everyone

…when I imagine that scene, it reminds me of the nervousness I had at piano recitals (lol)

I wanted to go home…(lol)

Well well, last is a picture of the piano at my house which I am indebted to… (1)

Today is Satoda Mai’s birthday
She’s kind, and she often talks to me… she’s a senior I love

Happy birthday

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Details of Maimi’s earthquake experience

On the most recent broadcast of Maimi’s regular FM PORT radio show “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My Me~ Maimi” (aired on 3/25), Maimi revealed some details of her experience during the devestating earthquake that struck Japan on 3/11.

First, in response to mail from a listener called “Taka-san” who asked if Maimi’s house was alright, Maimi said that she wasn’t actually at home during the earthquake, the biggest of her life, but that it had knocked down the pictures and toppled the dresser in her room. Before she returned home, however, her family had fixed everything. Maimi thanked everyone who sent in messages and expressed concern about her family’s safety.

Next, she read mail from a listener called “Machapani-san” who asked how Maimi was doing, and shared how they were worried about the people they knew in Fukushima. Maimi said that she could relate, as her grandparents also live in the Tohoku region. Maimi was riding on a train when the earthquake happened, so she couldn’t immediately find out where it hit. She overheard those around her talking about checking the TV on their cellphones, so she did the same. When she learned of where the earthquake had hit the hardest, she was extremely worried about her grandparents, but couldn’t contact them due to the phonelines being jammed. She was eventually able to get into contact with some of her relatives, and reported that her grandparents are alright.

Maimi then read mail from a listener called “Maimiyabi-san”, which was sent on the day of the earthquake, 3/11. They wrote that because of the earthquake, they were currently stuck at work and couldn’t return home. Despite the anxious night, listening to Maimi’s voice on the radio was comforting him. Maimi thanked him for his comments, and said that she saw a lot on the news about people who weren’t able to return home for various reasons, or were trying to return home by walking or biking. Maimi herself was quite aways from home, and couldn’t return because the trains had all stopped. After waiting for some hours, her older brother eventually came and picked her up by car. Maimi then said that she was extremely happy that her voice was able to bring someone comfort at such a troubling time.


The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/28 post on the official ℃-ute blog:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Today there were rehearsals for the ℃-ute and S/mileage combination concert

It was planned for this concert to start on 4/9 but

the performances on the 9th and 10th at Nippon Seinenkan have been suspended.

Those who were looking forward to it, I’m very sorry.

The start of the concert will now be the performance in Nagoya on the 16th

I want to have a concert that makes as many people as possible able to smile

So that we can also reach those who can’t come, I will stand on the stage with all of my power

During a break in the rehearsal, I took a picture with all of the members…


I hope that ℃-ute’s smile will reach everyone

And then… I hope my smile will also reach everyone…


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Maimi’s message on behalf of ℃-ute

Up-Front Agency, the agency that represents ℃-ute and other H!P acts, has created a page with messages from their talent in regards to the earthquake and tsunami that devestated Japan on March 11th. As each of the Hello! Project units were represented by their leaders, Maimi wrote a message on behalf of ℃-ute. Here is her message, translated:

We humbly offer our sincerest condolences to the families and relatives of those who lost their lives in the earthquake. And to those who were a victim of the disaster, we offer our heart-felt sympathy.

Even now on the news, there’s unbelievable scenes from the location of the disaster.

There, everyone in the striken area is looking ahead and moving forward hand-in-hand.

Though we can’t imagine their troubled thoughts, there is the powerful feeling that everyone there is uniting and living with strength.

That sight, it encouraged me to change my attitude to
“We can’t worry forever. We must work hard at what we can do.”, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

I also feel like there are people who are working hard right now in places not reported on.

So that we can be helpful to those in the stricken areas, we will do what we can with all our might.

In hopes that the disaster area recovers even one day sooner, and that those there can return to their regular lives even one day sooner, we will pray.

℃-ute leader
Yajima Maimi

Her original Japanese message, along with everyone else’s messages, can be read here.

“The great Tohoku Kantou earthquake”

The following is a translation of Maimi’s 3/25 update on the official ℃-ute blog:

It’s Maimi.
This is the first update in awhile.

14 days have passed since the great Tohoku Kantou earthquake.

Many people lost their lives in this great earthquake.

For those who passed, I pray from my heart for their happiness in the next world, and I sympathize from my heart with those who have suffered.

During the time we refrained from updating,

we heard a lot of people worrying for us.

Despite the countless aftershocks, thankfully the ℃-ute members, the members’ families and relatives, everyone is safe.

Those who worried about us, thank you very much.

During this period of days, I watch the news every day.

There I see the unbelievably sad reality reflected.

But, within that sad news,

I see people trying to live in earnest while fighting with the grief in their heart

and I was moved to feel “What strength everyone has”.

In the affected areas where the lifeline doesn’t go, despite many people having to live a life where they can’t say they’re satisfied,

person to person, cooperation, compromise, support… everyone combining their power to live, this scene makes me unable to stop crying.

Of course, I think there’s also a lot of sadness and hardships that aren’t reported.

And then, the feeling of “Isn’t there anything I can for those who were affected” isn’t just in Japan, many people outside of Japan’s borders are acting with assistance,

and again it made me feel

“People can’t live by themselves”.

If everyone does something small, it becomes something big,

and perhaps if everyone supports each other, a big sadness will become smaller…

I’m weak, but I feel I will do what I can with all my ability.

Still, now, there are people who are risking their lives for the people of this country.

I think that those people as well, they have their precious family and the people they want to protect.

What thoughts do they have while facing a dangerous place…

Though the body starts to hurt,
those people who are desperately trying to protect us

I have a lot of gratitude I can’t express.

A life protected.
A life left behind.

So as to not waste the thoughts of those people protecting us

and the thoughts of those who wanted to live but couldn’t

we must live stronger and stronger!!

Amongst all the sadness
we learn valuable things every day.

The aftershocks haven’t lessened,
there’s also unease about the nuclear power plants,

Everyone, somehow or another please stay safe.

I hope that someday the day when everyone can smile from their heart will come…

℃-ute official blog to resume 3/25

Posted by ℃-ute staff at the official ℃-ute blog, updates by the members will resume tomorrow, March 25th. However, they also asked for everyone’s understanding as the number of updates won’t be as much as usual.

Unfortunately, when asked about the resumption of the ℃-ute members’ Serend mini-blogs on Twitter, ℃-ute staff said that it’s still undecided.

Since it sounds to me like there won’t be daily updates from each of the members for the time being, and since it’s unknown when/if they’ll resume their Serend’s, I will just post translations/summaries of Maimi’s entries on the official ℃-ute blog as I see them, rather than waiting to compile them for a “Daily Maimi” feature.

Second “Piramekid” DVD details

Details of the second “Piramekid” DVD have been released at the “Piramekiino” discography section at the Yoshimoto R and C website. The second DVD in the series will be released on 5/25 and contain episodes 8 through 14.

For those who are unfamiliar with “Piramekid”, Maimi portrays the character Momokawa Momoko. Momoko is short-tempered and quick to hit those who raise her ire with her pink harisen, but reveals her softer side whenever her love Piramekid shows up to save the day.

Maimi’s first post-earthquake comments

Maimi joined Nacky as the guest this Tuesday (3/22) on ℃-ute’s “FIVE STARS” radio program on InterFM, which was recorded after the 3/11 earthquake that devastated Japan. As all group activity has been suspended for the time being (including ℃-ute’s blog and the members’ Serends) and Maimi’s own radio program is recorded well in advance, this episode of “FIVE STARS” marks her first comments since the disaster. Maimi acknowledged everyone’s concern, but assured everyone that all the members of ℃-ute are healthy and asked them to please not be worried.

If you’d like to listen to a recording of the program (music removed), a download can be found here (Mediafire link). Credit to for the original upload.