Daily Maimi for 2/27: “Battle!! Yajima”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi asked all those who have hayfever how they were doing, since it seemed to her like there was a lot of pollen fluttering about in the air. Maimi’s counter-measure to the hayfever which she invented this year is to declare “I don’t have hayfever!!”… however the plan’s effectiveness only lasted one day. Now Maimi’s eyes are really itchy, she wrote, and since if she rubs her eyes they will become swollen, she’s enduring the itchness. Maimi asked all those people with hayfever to work hard together with her. Next, Maimi wrote that yesterday was another sword battle practice for the “Ran -2011 New version!!-” play in May, and that as the practices add up, she finds various personal challenges for herself. Since there’s a lot of instructors around, and they’re practicing in a place where she can shout and move her body with all her might, she will clear her challenges one-by-one and have a play that she’s happy everyone came to see. Lastly, Maimi added a picture of her and Chisato from when they went to eat after appearing on NACK5’s “HITS THE TOWN!” yesterday.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated writing that tomorrow would be the end of February, and that she’d continue to tanobaru tomorrow.

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  1. oh i hadn’t read this when i posted my comment on your previous entry!

    oh poor maimi ^_^ i can only sympathise with her suffering!

    but imagine maimi-chan coming into my clinic seeking medication for her hay fever… (don’t wake me from my daydream!)

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