Daily Maimi for 2/8: “At the roadside”

In her update today on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that while on her day trip with her mother yesterday in Enoshima, she was taught something important. As they were walking around aimlessly, Maimi saw a street performer calling out to the passer-bys while performing, and unconsciously stopped and watch. The final performance was really surprising to her, as the street performer balanced on a boards laid across a cylinders, 5 stacks high. In order to move people doing something they really loved, the street performer trained for 15 years, and told the crowd that it took him 10 years to be able to balance on the 5 levels of boards. Because they wanted to be the top, they had to set their goal as something no one else is able to do. Then the street performer said that initially only 2 people stopped to watch, and that they were really happy that there were now so many people watching. It was at that point that Maimi realized that the firey feelings of those pursuing their dream with all their might will attract the people around them. Before they debuted, Maimi wanted to make lots of people remember the name “℃-ute”. When they went around performing at malls, people wouldn’t stop and watch, and there was an unadvertised event that only 5 people attended. However, Maimi feels those experiences helped the members grow. Once again she thought that she wants to go towards her dream with all her might. Maimi then wrote that there’s a lot of stuff you end up learning from stuff you normally don’t care about. Lastly, Maimi said that she was going to tanobaru for what’s left of the day.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that she was moved by the film “Kondo wa Aisaika” and recommended it to everyone.

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  1. The act that Maimi is describing is something like what’s seen in this video.

    • O.o …wow, what talent!

      i just love maimi’s reflective writing… she pauses life and reflects back on what has happened and the meaning and significance of it all. she is able to analyse beyond the superficial and give meaning to fleeting moments of seemingly trivial matters.

      when i first discovered an interest in a certain yajima maimi, i had no idea of the depth of character she possesses… i’m so glad to be a maimi fan now more than ever. with the more i learn about her, the greater the maimi fandom! 🙂

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