Daily Maimi for 2/7: “My Birthday”

I didn’t feel that a summary of Maimi’s update today on the official ℃-ute blog would do the entry justice, so I opted to do a full translation. I can only hope that my translation captures the strong emotion and gratitude that Maimi tried to convey. Here is Maimi’s update for 2/7, “My Birthday“:

Good evening
It’s the 19 years-old Maimi

I was able to reach this birthday without any problems

20 is right before me
Soon, I’ll be at an age that no one can call me a child

Although I’ve come this far,
many people have
held my hand

have given me love…

have held me up…

It’s obvious, but I haven’t lived this life by myself

Who I am now… it is thanks to each and everyone I have met…

And then, thanks to the support of those I haven’t yet met…

I am extremely happy that I was born as Yajima Maimi

When midnight came, while reading everyone’s comments on the blog and Serend

and the comments from the other members, I felt that way again

I also received a lot of birthday e-mails

Those who celebrated when I was born,

My family and relatives… my family’s friends… I think I could certainly count all of them.

As the 19 birthdays added up

The people I met and those who knew of me gradually increased

Now, I can’t count the number of people

Those who are as happy about my birthday as they are their own, and tell me “congratulations”…

I feel I’m such a lucky person…

Though I receive so many blessings,

I can’t say “Happy birthday” to each and every person…

So please let me say it here to everyone who has touched my life

It’s thanks to everbody that I am who I am now

Everyone’s feelings have made me who I am.

I’m so happy that I am able to get to know everyone

Everyone everyone, thank you for being born

And, and
to say the least, my family

I really can’t repay my debt to them.

I’ve caused my parents a lot of annoyance, hardships, and worry

and I think my brothers have had to put up with a lot because of me

Despite that, my family has always been my ally no matter what

There are also times when they scolded me,

and when we were younger my brothers and I fought a lot

Even so, I grew up surrounded by love… is how it seems

From when I was a 0 year-old who knew nothing…

they were always beside me,
they taught me many things
they cheered for me

they saved me…

I’ve grown to this point because of them

Though I think I’ll continue to cause them problems,

little by little, little by little
I will work hard so I can repay their favors

I’m glad that I was born to this family…

On my 19th birthday
once again I realized the support of so many people

Each and every moment of these 19 years is important, all of them, if different even a little bit

I wouldn’t be who I am without them… is how I feel

From here on, I will turn and walk towards 20 years-old so as to not have any regrets during the one 19th year of my life

Everyone, everyone, always always, thank you for bringing me happiness

From here on out, forever, please take care of me


Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep while reading the comments yesterday

In the morning I was awoken by my mom’s voice

“Mai Aren’t we going out

she said…

Today we went to the Enoshima shrine

that Nacky had gone to yesterday


We strolled around the outskirts of the Enoshima shrine

“This is the road we were on during my elementary school field trip~

I remembered and it made me excited

I also got to eat seafood

Afterwards we saw a movie

That reminds me, this time last year my mom and I went to Okinawa…

This year was also really fun

Lastly, here are some pictures of my 19 year-old self…
It’s my birthday so I’m not wearing any make-up, and I apologize

(2) Cologne, who turned 5 years-old today

(3) Fruit tart, which I love

It was given to me

Thank you to everyone who read all the way to end of this long entry

And from her updates at Sweet time, in order from oldest to most recent:

Thank you for all the comments everyone(;_;) And my blog, I will update soon but it’s become longer than any before m(__)m

Original post

I’m sorry for the wait!! On second thought, I made it a little shorter(^-^; But it’s still long m(__)m Because I will take today’s pictures, it will be a little later m(__)m

Original post

Aa~(;_;) 2/7 is almost over…(ToT) The update I just made already has so many comments… I feel like I’m going to cry too… I love you all~!!

Original post

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  1. wow you’re really stepping up these updates! 😀
    where do you get the time?! i envy your job ;P

    i won’t repeat myself again, but what an insightful mature post by maimi…it just fuels my maimi fandom ^_^

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