Happy 19th birthday Yajima Maimi!

It’s officially February 7th in Japan, so I’d like to wish Maimi a very happy 19th birthday on behalf of myself and all her Western fans. There’s never been another idol like Maimi in Hello! Project before, and each and every day she shows us new reasons to support and cheer for her. Here’s to hoping that Maimi has a wonderful and eventful 19th year filled with lots of happiness. As fans, let’s continue to support Maimi with all our power and tanobaru every day! Happy birthday Maimi!!!

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  1. Happy 19th Birthday indeed, Maimi!!!
    Wishing you happiness and joy for the coming year, and hope you achieve the goals you set yourself in your final year as a teenager! I hope you work hard as you ‘d wish, but also have time to enjoy your life… that is, in your own words, tanobaru!

    Maimi really is a model idol… an inspiration for young girls everywhere and the ideal idol for any H!P fan. Ultimately she is a great human being and for that itself she deserves the success and recognition she gets, and much more!

    I know I will always tanobaru in my support for Maimi and I hope you will all do the same! Please continue to lend your support to Maimi!

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