Daily Maimi for 1/30: “Completion♥ Exhibit”

Maimi started off her entry on the official ℃-ute blog by congratulating Japan on their amazing soccer victory last night. She then wrote that yesterday she finally finished the scrapbook she had started making last year. The entire album is 28 pages long, and she uploaded pictures of the first four pages (pictures 1 and 2), which consist of off-shot pictures from her second and third photobooks. Maimi then wrote that she was going to explain how to make a scrapbook like her’s. First, prepare a plain notebook with thick pages and then put designer tape you like on the edges. Next, decide where you want to put the picture and place the photo corner stickers (picture 3). Maimi wrote that using these will enable you to change the picture if you want to. Lastly, she said to cut out pictures from magazines and paste them where you like. Since her album had 28 pages, it took her a long time to make it with this method. Maimi then asked anyone who was interested in it to please try it out. Lastly, she wrote that she would show all the pages on her Serend miniblog and asked everyone to please look without losing interest.

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  1. She made 15 Serend updates today, so that’s going to be in it’s own article.

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