Daily Maimi for 1/22: “The scent of healing”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that today and tomorrow’s performances in Kobe are the last of the Hello! Project tour that began on the 2nd of the month. She said that it went by fast, and that she was now heading to Kobe. Yesterday, for the first time in awhile, she had delicious sukiyaki for dinner at her house. While her mom was preparing it, she was packing for the trip to Kobe. Maimi wrote that she was really slow packing, and wondered how many hours it took, but said that it’s good if she doesn’t forget anything. The talk of packing made her suddenly think of a bath powder she recently found which has a healing aroma. She wrote that it’s the scent of “Chinese peony”, and because she had never heard of Chinese peony before, she looked up it’s name in the “flower language”. It’s “hanikami” (meaning something along the lines of shyness/being shy), which she thinks is cute. The scent really soothes her, and as soon as she puts it in the bath she’s overcome by the fantastic scent. She recommends it to everyone, and wrote that it will accompany her to Kobe. Maimi said that she’d tanobaru 910% today, and ended her entry with the news of the “Black Angels” website and shared two “Black Angels” related pictures.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that Mai had tricked her again, telling Maimi that it wasn’t her turn yet during rehearsals. She updated again afterwards saying the concert was just about to start and that she was heading out.

On Mano Erina’s official blog, Mano shared another picture of her and Maimi together and wrote that she loves how Maimi always gives her best no matter what, but that she’s also playful and an airhead. Mano wondered outloud if she’s in love with Maimi, but said that she just really looks up to her. Despite being the same age, Mano said that she feels like an older sister to her.

At Suzuki Airi’s Airiaru, Airi shared a picture of her and Maimi and wrote that it looked like Maimi’s bread was burned. After that she updated again saying that she appeared in Maimi’s dream yesterday, and that it made her happy.

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  1. Hm, that scent sounds interesting. ^^ Lol @ Mai tricking Maimi though. I can definitely picture that. As for Mano, I’m not surprised that Maimi has charmed her with her personality. Who wouldn’t love Maimi. 😀 I’m also curious about Maimi’s dream that involved Airi, and find it cute that Airi was happy to be in her dream. ❤

    (Also, thank you B.G. for translating Mano/Airi's posts when they relate to Maimi. I appreciate reading about what they have to say about her as well. ^^)

    • Poor Maimi… still getting tricked after all these years.

      And it’s my pleasure to translate the other girls’ comments about Maimi. I want to make as complete a Maimi resource as possible, and of course I enjoy seeing my favorite girls talking about each other.

      • maimai is mischievous as always!

        this business of maimi coupling is cute! manoeri is starting to fall for our maimi! ❤

        it seems everyone wants a piece of her these days. as if trying not to be outdone and remain in maimi's book as her "number one osuzu", airi just had to share how she was in maimi's dream as an act of one upmanship to mano! 😉

        i smell a neko fight ahead… ;D

  2. The question is… where does her best friend Chinami fit in all of this?!

  3. LOL @ Ryu. Just picturing Mano vs Airi over Maimi = too much lols. And yes, B.G. brought up a good point about Chi. Oh goodness, Maimi continues to be a hot commodity~ ;D

    • good point re. chii… hmmm
      if they ever did a monopoly board game on H!P by the members’ rankings on most desirable idol, maimi would be in the place of the most expensive “property”! ¦D

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