Maimi’s 7LDK and long handshakes

Maimi was a guest on the January 20th episode of the popular show “Downtown DX”, along with fellow ℃-ute members Nacky and Chisato. During a segment titled “Star House Tour”, it was revealed that Maimi’s house was “7LDK”, which means it has seven rooms in addition to a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

They then aired a VTR of Nacky and Chisato going to tour Maimi’s house. As they walked through the house and up to the atrium, Chisato commented how everything in the house is fashionable and Nacky said she wanted to be able to live there. The next stop was the Yajima household’s bathroom, where Maimi showed everyone the built-in sound system (by playing “Aitai Lonely Christmas”). Maimi said that when she has to remember a song, she’ll listen to it on the sound system while she takes her bath. The VTR ended with the three girls saying bye while Nacky and Chisato held two of Maimi’s dogs, Aroma and Cologne.

Returning from the VTR, Nacky and Chisato revealed that it was the first time that they had ever been to Maimi’s house. Nacky said that despite it being amazing, “leader” has never boasted about it before, at which point the hosts (famous comedy duo “Downtown”, Hamada and Matsumoto) realized that Maimi was the leader of the group. Chisato also pointed out that in the bathroom, there’s a button you can push that would turn it into a sauna. After that, Hamada noticed that another guest, 74-year-old Kitajima Saburou, seemed completely lost while the young girls from ℃-ute were talking.

Then, in a segment titled “The Audience Saw!”, Hamada read a letter from a fan who went to a ℃-ute handshake event in Osaka last year. The fan wrote that he was happy when he got a long handshake with Maimi, but because of that, he ran out of time and wasn’t able to meet Chisato. It was his first ℃-ute handshake event, so he was disappointed he wasn’t able to meet all the girls.

Chisato tried to explain the situation at the handshake events, and how she’s the last member in the line next to a wall. While she was struggling to explain the details, Matsumoto interrupted her and teased her by asking her if she was an idiot, to which Hamada scolded him and said she was trying her best to speak. She tried to explain again how Maimi talks to the fans too long, and this time Hamada interrupted and said she was an idiot afterall. Nacky then tried to interject with a “shi~”, which both of the hosts teased her for. After recovering, Nacky explained that Maimi will always grab the fans’ hands before Nacky’s done talking to them, so her time with them is incomplete.

Maimi was asked by the hosts why she does that, and she started to clumsily explain the reason, but was interrupted by the host who asked her if she was an idiot too and told her to speak more steadily. After regaining her composure, she explained that there are fans who will skip members and just go to their favorite members. In order to prevent fans from skipping her, Maimi said she will firmly grab every person’s hand as they pass in front of her. Hamada then joked that the source of the problem is clear.

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  1. it really was a pleasant surprise to see maimi presenting her house on the show! it’s funny to hear what music she was playing in the bathroom 😀
    but i guess if it’s homework…

    thanks for taking the time to translate this. i was dying to know what was said on the show. especially given there was so much about our maimi in it 😉

    • No problem! It was a must-translate considering the amount of juicy Maimi info in it. I was honestly shocked about the 7LDK thing, as I had no idea that Maimi’s family was so well-off (I always just thought of Airi as the rich one…). And the handshake thing was really funny, especially Maimi’s voice as she proudly declared that she wouldn’t allow fans to skip her. I also really liked that part because I want to enjoy a long conversation and handshake with Maimi when the day finally comes I can go to a handshake event…

  2. yeah i always thought only airi’s family was rich.

    the handshake thing 😀

    oroboras from H!O (massive chisa fan from UK) mentioned when he went to see C-ute in a handshake event in japan around the time of the akuma musical (he went to see that live too, the swine… <_< ) that all the other girls had quite feminine, weak handshakes, but maimi has a very firm, confident handshake! also, she did indeed do so for longer than most of the others

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