Daily Maimi for 1/4: “Steadily”

Maimi’s update at the official ℃-ute blog began with her writing that she had watched Matsuura Aya’s “Shinka no Kisetsu” concert DVD that morning. As Maimi had expected, Aya is an amazing person. Because Aya had just turned 20 years-old at the time of the concert and Maimi will soon turn 19, Maimi said that she has a lot of respect for her. Aya’s singing and expression have a lot of variation, and even though she’s running around on the stage by herself she’s able to perform without shortness of breath. She colors the whole concert hall the color of Aya, Maimi wrote, and has the most amazing aura. She concluded her Aya talk saying that she thinks she is really cool. Next, Maimi wrote that next to the site of today’s H!P concert she saw the Tokyo Sky Tree. She has written about the Sky Tree several times before, but this time it was even taller than ever, and she asked everyone to check out the picture she took of the Sky Tree in the morning sun. Maimi heard that the Sky Tree would be finished this December, and was amazed that it’s being created by human hands. Since she received a lot of inspiration this morning, Maimi said that she is going to “tanobaru” today, and asked those who have to start work again today to also tanobaru. Lastly, she wrote that she is looking forward to seeing everyone at the H!P concert today.

At Sweet time, Maimi shared a picture she took of Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako, and then a 2-shot with Chinami. She noted that in the background of the 2-shot, Maasa was doing Airi’s hair.

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  1. maimi’s blogs are often well thought-out, mature and thought-provoking… in contrast to some other girls’ blogs. good to see the kids getting on well.

    and indeed, aya is one of H!P’s true natural talents and maimi is wise to look up to her in terms of technical ability.

    • It seems like Maimi is a real fan of Ayaya too (not just some senpai admiration thing). She’s gushed about her in blog entries before, and sung her songs a lot at special events/lives (like “Ki ga Tsukeba Anata” at today’s B1 pattern concert). She also recently said on I My Me that one of the songs she wants to sing for the Hello! Cover series is Ayaya’s “Zutto Suki de Ii desu ka”. (Which she sang before here.)

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