Daily Maimi for 12/31: “Thanks for everything this year☆”

Maimi started off her entry on the official ℃-ute blog in amazement that it was already the last day of 2010 and how fast the year was. She quickly changed the subject to yesterday’s win of the Best New Artist award by fellow H!P members S/mileage. Watching their win reminded Maimi of when ℃-ute won the same award three years ago. At the time when they won, the award was presented at 9PM and because all of ℃-ute were underage they couldn’t appear on the stage. They waited backstage watching the presentation on a monitor, and Maimi recalls being so nervous that it felt like time had stopped. Maimi could feel the tension from S/mileage and thought they felt the same way ℃-ute did back then. She already knew the results when she finally watched a recording of the show, but was still really happy to see them win. Much like when ℃-ute won and the youngest member Hagiwara Mai was the only one able to pull herself together, S/mileage’s youngest member Ogawa Saki was the one who calmed everyone else down. Maimi also thought it was cool how S/mileage was able to perform so quickly after receiving the annoucement, and said it was a wonderful end to 2010. She then promised to work hard with ℃-ute so that they won’t lose. Changing the subject again, Maimi wrote that she went to see Ishikawa Rika’s play “Keitai Deka” yesterday. While Maimi really enjoyed the play, she also studied intently to improve her own acting. After the end of the play, Maimi took a 3-shot with Rika and Mano Erina.

Maimi then wrote that this entry was the last entry of 2010. She thanked everyone who supported her through-out the year and to everyone who read the blog every day. She was able to accomplish much this year, and asked that everyone please continue to support her in the new year. Maimi ended her final entry of 2010 wishing that everyone finds a lot of happiness in 2011.

At Sweet time, Maimi wrote that she finally finished writing her New Year’s cards. Next she updated that she was watching the Kohaku Uta Gassen and that she will work hard because she wants ℃-ute to appear on the show again. Then she shared a picture of her dog Aroma whose fur matches the carpet. Lastly, Maimi updated as the final 2010 episode of “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My Me♥ Maimi” began airing, and asked everyone in Niigata (where it airs) to please listen to it.

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  1. And this is the last 2010 entry at MaimiLog. I originally started doing translations back in April (at the original MaimiLog), but I kept having things come up that made it difficult to continue. My desire to support Maimi kept pushing me to find a way to be able to do it, however. Eventually I settled into the “Daily Maimi” updates, and it’s something I feel comfortable doing each day. I hope that I can continue it without interruption in 2011, and that more Western fans will come to appreciate and support Maimi as much as I do. Happy New Year to Maimi, and all of her fans!

  2. and a great job you’re doing, making maimi’s blog entries more accessible to english speaking maimi and C-ute fans the world over!

    please keep up the great work, and a happy new year to you too! 😉

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