Daily Maimi for 12/30: “Black Angels”

Maimi began her update at the official ℃-ute blog asking all her readers how their year-end is going, before launching into the promised “Black Angels” talk from yesterday’s blog. The DVD will be available for purchase/rental in May, and Maimi plays a heroine named Reira. Because there were action and piano scenes in the movie, Maimi had to train for both before the filming. For the action, Maimi said that she sweat a considerable amount each time, and had to take care to match the other person’s pace without causing injury to each other. Many times she’d stay late for special training, and is nervous to see the final product. As for the piano, she played piano when she was a child, but the training for the movie was a very difficult song. Maimi wrote she practiced playing during any free time she had, even while at home at night, and wonders if she bothered her neighbors. Maimi played the same parts over and over again that she started hearing it in her head when she wasn’t playing. When the time finally came to film the scene, Maimi was incredibly nervous, but was able to complete it thanks to the training she received from the piano teacher. Maimi was in awe of the hard work of all the staff members who work behind the scenes and wrote that it made her want to work hard too so as not to lose to them. Maimi then asked everyone to please watch the movie. Lastly, Maimi wrote about S/mileage appearing on the Nihon Record Taishou today and though she won’t be able to watch it in real-time, she’ll record it and watch it later.

At Sweet time, Maimi started by updating that she has yet to start writing her New Year’s cards, and then updated with a picture of a sleepy Cologne. Later that evening, Maimi congratulated S/mileage on winning the Best New Artist award and that she was now watching her recording of the show.

Over at Ishikawa Rika’s official blog, Rika wrote that Maimi and Mano Erina both came to see her new play (likely the reason that Maimi couldn’t watch the awards show live) and thanked them for always coming to see her.

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  1. Now I wanna see a Rika/Maimi/Erina V-U-DEN…

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