Daily Maimi for 12/29: “Taken by Nacky”

Today’s airing of the ℃-ute end-of-the-year party was the subject of Maimi’s entry at the official ℃-ute blog today. She began by expressing her regret that Airi was unable to appear because of her work with “Buono!” at the same time, and that she definitely wants all five members of ℃-ute to be there next time. Maimi then ran down the events of the afternoon; eating nabe, talking about what happened during the year, and the karaoke party. She said that the nabe and ojiya were delicious, and that the karaoke was exciting. And then midway through the show, Morning Musume OG’s Iida Kaori showed up unexpectedly, surprising Maimi. She promised that she’d sing a Morning Musume song at the karaoke party, but had it pointed out to her by the other members afterwards that she didn’t, so she apologized to Kaori for forgetting. Maimi then pointed out that that party was the last time that she’d be meeting the other members this year, and yesterday was the last time she’d meet Airi this year, and wished that they all have a wonderful New Year’s. After the party, Maimi attended a launch event for her DVD movie “Black Angels”, which was filmed in November. Even though it was only last month, Maimi wrote that she felt nostalgic to see everyone together again. She hadn’t been involved in a launch event since the one for her play “Ran” in July so she was a bit nervous, but it made her eager to see the final finished movie. It’s release is still awhile off, but Maimi asked everyone to please watch it. While she wrote previously that she’d tell some stories from the filming, her current entry had already become long so she said she’d hold that off for tomorrow’s entry. She then reminded everyone that S/mileage would be appearing on the “Nihon Record Taishou” as they’re in the running for the Best New Artist award tomorrow, and asked everyone to cheer in front of the TV with her. With that, Maimi ended her entry and wished everyone a good night.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated before the USTREAM airing of the end-of-the-year party asking everyone to please watch.

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  1. To avoid any confusion, the title refers to the picture she attached to her blog entry.

  2. thanks for the translate… the USTREAM meant i was a few minutes late for work… but it was worth it! everyone was going a little hyper over H!O during the streaming! XD

    it certainly seemed the food was oishi given the rate maimi was chomping it down! i love how when it comes to food, she is somewhat unrefined and tomboyish in the way she eats!

    i’m going to miss the C-ute team-up… but look forward to 2011!

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