Daily Maimi for 12/28: “Yuuka-chan’s”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wished S/mileage’s Maeda Yuuka a happy 16th birthday. When Maimi ran into Yuuka at yesterday’s concert rehearsal, she was hard at work studying even during her break. While eating she was studying a DVD and using a mirror to reverse the image. Maimi said that when she studies performances on DVDs she rotates the DVD player 180 degrees, but that she’d now imitate Yuuka’s much smarter method. She then took a picture of Yuuka and wrote that just looking at the cute Yuuka was enough to raise her spirits. Maimi also praised Yuuka’s gentle “my pace” airhead character, and said that she hopes that she never changes. Since the two will be meeting again today at rehearsals, Maimi plans to wish her a happy birthday in person. Maimi then wrote that she hopes that Yuuka has a wonderful 16th year.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that she was taught by Airi how to avoid taking blurry pictures while holding the camera and took a 2-shot to try it out. Satisfied with the results, Maimi wrote that she doesn’t have to worry about blurry pictures anymore.

At Airi’s Airiaru, Airi shared a picture of Maimi and said that she looks happy when she’s holding cake.

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  1. yet more yajisuzu… i’m beginning to become suspicious about this pairing… <_<

    we all know maimi is happy with food next to her! ;P
    and it seems yuuka and maimi are quite close… maybe still a little of the High King union

    • Haha, it really does seem like there’s a Maimi x Airi craze going on right now, doesn’t it?

      Hopefully Maimi and Yuuka get some more time together in High-King. Everyone benefits from that!

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