Daily Maimi for 12/27: “Happy News”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that she again had rehearsals for the new year’s Hello! Project concert tour today. Tomorrow will be the full costume rehearsal and Maimi said that she’s already really nervous about it. Changing the subject, Maimi showed off a candle that she decorated on Christmas. She chose the fragrance and color and put her initials on it. She then lit it and said it was really beautiful. Now that Christmas is over, she is waiting for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Next Maimi shared the news that her regular radio show, “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My Me♥ Maimi~“, would be airing on New Year’s Eve at the regular time of 10PM. Maimi said that she’s really happy that she was able to have a show on Christmas and on New Year’s Eve. She asks those who can listen please listen and make her voice the last they hear before 2011. Lastly, Maimi said that she’d work hard at the rehearsals and shared a picture of her and Airi from Christmas.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated first that her dog Cologne enjoyed being held while Maimi was wearing her gift from Nacky, and later that she had the leftover fish from Berryz Kobo’s Tokunaga Chinami’s lunch box and it was delicious.

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  1. looks like maimi is working hard!
    it’s a pleasure to see airi and maimi being such close friends… this yajisuzu business is a never-ending subject over H!O 😉

    i doubt it, but i don’t suppose there’s a way of listening to maimi’s radio programme live? or even soon after (we’re 9 hours behind japan time). i know it appears on tracker eventually, but wonder if it’ll be there by the countdown to the new year over here?

    • I don’t know of anyway of listening to it live. The FM PORT page doesn’t seem to have a stream online option, and even if it did it’d probably be blocked outside of Japan. The best option is to check the Japanese fans’ Maimi-loader. It’s where I get her radio appearances and Piramekid episodes, as they’re usually up there within a few hours of airing. I think you’ll find that’s where a lot of the Maimi stuff at H!O comes from.

      • “maimi-loader”! XD
        thanks for the link… looks a little imtimidating with much text, but pretty sure it’ll be self explanatory.

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