Daily Maimi for 12/26: “Nacky→Maimi→Chisato”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi began by apologizing for the late update. She mentioned that yesterday’s fanclub event was the last time that she gets to meet the fans this year, and that she was able to express her gratitude for all the support that year. She also thanked those who cheered for and supported her, but couldn’t come to the event. The next time she’ll get to meet the fans is at the Hello! Project concert tour starting the new year, and she asked that all her readers come so they can start the year off right together. Changing the subject, Maimi wrote that yesterday was ℃-ute’s gift exchange. The way their gift exchange works is that they all walk around in a circle while music plays, and when the music stops they stop and get the gift that they’re standing next to. Maimi got Nacky’s gift which was…. a gift voucher, since Nacky forgot to bring a gift (picture 1). Maimi was surprised by this, as Nacky is usually the most excited about these events, and remembered when Nacky made and brought cookies for everyone on Halloween when no one else did anything. However, today Nacky gave Maimi her present (picture 2) and Maimi thanked Nacky and vowed to wear it around the house often. As for the present Maimi bought, she wrote that she had difficulty choosing a present since she didn’t know who would be winning it. Eventually she decided on an “aroma lamp” for the bath, and earrings. She recently heard that Chisato was collecting earrings, and the other members were wearing earrings a lot at recent concerts, so she picked them up at the last minute. Luckily, the person who would’ve liked the earrings the most, Chisato, won her gift. All of the members also received presents from the staff. Maimi said that she was happy to get presents from so many people, since Santa doesn’t come to her house anymore. Lastly, she hoped for another good day tomorrow and wished everyone a good night.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated expressing her excitement that it’s the “mochi” season and that she ate some delicious mochi from her grandmother and some tofu boiled in miso soup.

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  1. maimi seems to have a lot of white tops… she looks positively angelic in them though! good choice from nakky

    santa the old fool! missing maimi out is a big mistake and simply shocking :O
    next time you’re going to tell me santa isn’t real…

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