Daily Maimi for 12/25: “Merry Christmas”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, talked about how today is Christmas and how she used to spend all her time at the window trying to see Santa when she was a child until her teacher told her that Santa won’t appear if people are looking. Maimi then changed the subject to the previous day’s H!P official shop event. There was a various corners, such a ball relay with the fans, that got Maimi excited. The first time ended in failure, so Maimi had to wear a red nose as the punishment. The second time, however, was a splendid victory and Maimi got to eat some strawberry cake. Maimi expressed her gratitude to the Yajima team for giving her the victory and said that that night had become a wonderful Christmas Eve. She thanked everyone who came to the event, and asked those who weren’t able to come because of limited seating to please try again next time. Maimi then talked about the Christmas event today, and said that she’s happy that she gets to meet the fans on both Christmas and Christmas Eve. After the event, her and the other ℃-ute members will exchange gifts. Lastly, she asked all her readers to please have a wonderful Christmas.

At Sweet time, Maimi shared another picture of her dog Rookie sleeping in his bed and said that the first fanclub event was finished and was wonderful. She updated again after the events were completely over, and said that since it was the last fanclub event of the year she was kind of sad. Even though she was sad, she said the event was the best and thanked everyone.

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  1. i applaud you for the dedication for posting these around christmas! 😉
    ahh so that’s the red nose… she looks so cute with it though!

    i do hope maimi had a decent christmas and was able to spend time with her own family. i kniw from previous years working on christmas day isn’t really fun

    • Haha, it’s because I’m dedicated to Maimi! That, and Santa doesn’t visit me anymore either so it’s not that big of a deal anymore lol.

      I don’t think Maimi minds working on Christmas. It sounds like she really enjoys the time spent with ℃-ute and her fans, and Christmas just isn’t as big a deal in Japan as it is here in the Western world.

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