“Announcement from Yajima Maimi #1”

Maimi took to the official ℃-ute YouTube channel to announce that on 12/29 at 3:00PM JST (1:00AM EST) ℃-ute would be streaming their end-of-the-year party over her USTREAM channel. She asks everyone who can watch to prepare some food and drink so that they can participate with the members of ℃-ute. She also announces that unfortunately Airi won’t be able to be there because of a prior work commitment. Maimi’s USTREAM channel, which was last used 158 days ago for her live “Fix no E” commentary with the one and only Ishikawa Rika, can be found at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/maimi-yajima.

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  1. this was great news when i heard about it… i was forever hoping maimi gets a session after chisa’s okaichansleep of late.

    it’s going to be 6:00am in the UK and cutting it a bit fine before having to travel to work, but definitely watching this!

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