Daily Maimi for 12/24: “Nervousness”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi started off by wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas”. She then goes on to talk about yesterday’s recording of “Downtown DX”. She was really nervous about it from the time when they first heard they’d be on up until the actual recording, but said that the time passed really fast. Because the show is a fun talk show, she listened to all the other cast members talk and wondered if she would’ve been able to say the things she wanted to. Since her and ℃-ute don’t usually get a chance to appear on “Downtown DX”, she said the experience was awesome and she tried really hard. She also wrote that the staff was very kind and even asked the girls if they were okay since they looked nervous. Maimi then announced that the show would be airing on the 20th of January and that she’d remind everyone again when the date drew closer. After that, she mentioned today’s Christmas Eve event at the Hello! Project official shop, and promised to write more about the event in tomorrow’s update. Lastly, she wished everyone a great Christmas Eve and asked them to please listen to her “I My Me Maimi~” radio show airing later that night.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that the rehearsals for the new year’s Hello! Project tour were finished and that she was getting her make-up done for the H!P official shop event later that day. After the event she updated again saying that, as expected, she loves that kind of event. Maimi then updated around 11PM wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and shared an old picture she drew.

In a Christmas Eve bonus, Berryz Kobo’s Tokunaga Chinami shared a picture of her and her best friend Maimi taken at today’s H!P concert rehearsals.

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