Daily Maimi for 12/22: “Through life…”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that she was looking forward to last night’s lunar eclipse, but unfortunately was unable to see it. She then said that there’s many things she’d like to see at least once in her life. The first is aurora borealis. She’d have to endure the cold and be lucky to see it, but it’s still something she wants to see at least once. Second, she wants to see a lunar rainbow. She heard about rainbows at night from her mother several years ago and wondered when the best time to look for one is. She then wrote that she had her favorite Spam to eat this morning and then wondered why Spam is so delicious (and “lol”ed). Fired up from the Spam, she sounded the battle-cry of “tanobaru” and told everyone to “fight” today. She ended her update with some pictures from the “BLT” magazine photoshoot.

At Sweet time, Maimi wrote that she was once again at a family restaraunt by herself, and that she was going to eat rice with seafood.

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  1. It breaks my heart that Maimi misses all these things she’s so eager to see. Luckily, aurora borealis isn’t so rare up north (Alaska/Canada… whatever is north in other countries lol) so hopefully she’ll get to see it.

  2. indeed, tis sad to hear of maimi’s unrealised dreams… hope she will be able to fulfill at least some of them in the future.

    what makes me sad too though is hearing maimi-chan in a family restaurant by herself… would have liked to hear her eating with her family or friends (or better still, with airi-chan or the other C-uties!)

    but spam as in “Spam”?! interesting choice of breakfast!

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