Daily Maimi for 12/19: “Over-slept”

Maimi started off her update on the official ℃-ute blog by pointing out that she originally wrote her update in the morning (she posted it at about 8PM that night). Since the update was originally written in the morning, the “Aitai Lonely Christmas” release event had yet to happen and she wrote about her excitement for the event. Usually Maimi wakes up 2 hours before an event, but today her alarm wasn’t able to wake her up. It was only after it went off again 15 minutes later that she finally woke up, which she said was dangerous. But she also said that she then had an extra 15 minutes of power because of her extended sleep, and that she’d “tanobarimasu” today too. Changing the subject, Maimi spoke of the newest BLT and Hello! Project collaboration magazine and urged all her readers to please check it out.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated before the release event saying that they were finished with preparation, and then updated again afterwards expressing her extreme thanks for everyone who supported “Aitai Lonely Christmas”.

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  1. maimi loving her beauty sleep! XD
    she’s so energetic as it is so extra power would be overkill!

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