Daily Maimi for 12/18: “To not lose…”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi was eager to make a new announcement; herself, Nacky, and Chisato will be appearing on the popular “Downtown DX” show on either 20th or 27th of January. Maimi said she’ll try hard so more people will learn about ℃-ute, since the show is viewed by a lot of people. She also announced that episodes of “Piramekid” will be able to be seen on the “Piramekiino” official website until January 10th. Maimi then changed the subject to how she’s always forgetting or dropping her hat. Yesterday she once again dropped her hat while she was getting out of a taxi, and Chisato called out and let her know. Maimi’s mom got angry at Maimi and told her to start using the chin-strap so she wouldn’t lose her hats any longer. It’s now her goal in 2011 to no longer lose her hats.

At Sweet time, Maimi and Chisato had a back-and-forth over Maimi showing Chisato’s photobook cover and embarassing Chisato. After that, each of the members of ℃-ute called out to each other over Serend, with Airi calling for Maimi. Maimi then used her catchphrase “tanobaru” and updated that she was eating a donut during her break.

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  1. lol maimi is such a clumsy girl! her mother’s idea of using the chin strap is hilarious XD

    her ditzy nature makes her so adorable and she plays it to her advantage. kinda reminds me of chihara minori in how she has an imfamous clumsy side which is part of her idol persona

    • Maimi’s ditzy side is pretty endearing, but one of the things that really drew me to her was how she’s able to focus and do really cool things in spite of it. Like, watch a performance of High-King performing “Destiny Love” and you would never guess that Maimi once tried to eat plastic ice cream (lmao) or is prone to spontaneous outbursts of laughter. She really is an amazing performer.

      • lol. couldn’t agree more… my entry into maimi fandom started after watching her YT sports festival videos and she was so cool and athletic compared to the other idols. that’s actually how i got into C-ute and the world of H!P in general (after getting to the those sports fest vids via a miki fujimoto song used as a background on some anime OPV). the C-ute dvd mags showed how she was (and still is) a great leader and her dancing and singing were all very impressive. i only found out about this scatterbrained and oh-so-adorable side to her after reading some blogs and through H!O, and like you, am amazed how there is such a contrast to her “performance mode” and her “everyday/idol mode”. evidence indeed that she’s a model idol, a consummate professional (albeit an unbelievably hot one!).

        …and then i haven’t even mentioned her role in “Ran”… the swordplay is not something one can simply pick up, even with much practice. she is simply breathtaking!

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