Daily Maimi for 12/17: “Zacklly Senshi Piramekid”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi reflects on the first season of “Piramekid” which ended the day prior. When she first heard the news that she’d be on the show back in January, she was really happy. She thought that a lot of children would be watching the show, and she’s been called by her character’s name “Momoko” by children who recognize her. She then wrote that since it was her first time filming for a drama she was really worried and read through the script many times over. She knew nothing about filming when she started, but learned many things through-out the time; including how to become good at using a harisen (Momoko’s pink fan). She often sought guidance on how Momoko should act, and said there were also times when she had to abruptly ad-lib. She’s really grateful that she was able to take part in the filming, and says that she loves the character of Momoko. She’s strong and simple, yet kind, and she’s thankful she was given the chance to play the character. Lastly, she expressed her gratitude once more and uploaded some pics from the filming up to now.

At Sweet time, Maimi wrote that she switched to some new shampoo and it felt great. She reminded everyone to listen to her radio show “I My Me Maimi~” and shared a picture from in the studio (picture 4). She then updated with a picture of her holding Chisato’s upcoming photobook.

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  1. piramekid was such a great project for maimi to be involved in… not least for us maimi fans! 😉
    but it’s awesome to see maimi doing well and continuing to gain recognition in the competitive entertainment industry.

    even on radio where nobody could see her she still looks cute!

    both maimi and chisa have hyperextensible thumb (interphalangeal) joints O_O
    (i know i shouldn’t have noticed that with chisa’s distracting PB cover XD )

  2. sorry about the medical jargon. i meant the thumb joint furthestmost from the wrist could bend backwards (mine only bends forwards – towards my palm)

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