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Daily Maimi for 12/31: “Thanks for everything this year☆”

Maimi started off her entry on the official ℃-ute blog in amazement that it was already the last day of 2010 and how fast the year was. She quickly changed the subject to yesterday’s win of the Best New Artist award by fellow H!P members S/mileage. Watching their win reminded Maimi of when ℃-ute won the same award three years ago. At the time when they won, the award was presented at 9PM and because all of ℃-ute were underage they couldn’t appear on the stage. They waited backstage watching the presentation on a monitor, and Maimi recalls being so nervous that it felt like time had stopped. Maimi could feel the tension from S/mileage and thought they felt the same way ℃-ute did back then. She already knew the results when she finally watched a recording of the show, but was still really happy to see them win. Much like when ℃-ute won and the youngest member Hagiwara Mai was the only one able to pull herself together, S/mileage’s youngest member Ogawa Saki was the one who calmed everyone else down. Maimi also thought it was cool how S/mileage was able to perform so quickly after receiving the annoucement, and said it was a wonderful end to 2010. She then promised to work hard with ℃-ute so that they won’t lose. Changing the subject again, Maimi wrote that she went to see Ishikawa Rika’s play “Keitai Deka” yesterday. While Maimi really enjoyed the play, she also studied intently to improve her own acting. After the end of the play, Maimi took a 3-shot with Rika and Mano Erina.

Maimi then wrote that this entry was the last entry of 2010. She thanked everyone who supported her through-out the year and to everyone who read the blog every day. She was able to accomplish much this year, and asked that everyone please continue to support her in the new year. Maimi ended her final entry of 2010 wishing that everyone finds a lot of happiness in 2011.

At Sweet time, Maimi wrote that she finally finished writing her New Year’s cards. Next she updated that she was watching the Kohaku Uta Gassen and that she will work hard because she wants ℃-ute to appear on the show again. Then she shared a picture of her dog Aroma whose fur matches the carpet. Lastly, Maimi updated as the final 2010 episode of “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My Me♥ Maimi” began airing, and asked everyone in Niigata (where it airs) to please listen to it.

Daily Maimi for 12/30: “Black Angels”

Maimi began her update at the official ℃-ute blog asking all her readers how their year-end is going, before launching into the promised “Black Angels” talk from yesterday’s blog. The DVD will be available for purchase/rental in May, and Maimi plays a heroine named Reira. Because there were action and piano scenes in the movie, Maimi had to train for both before the filming. For the action, Maimi said that she sweat a considerable amount each time, and had to take care to match the other person’s pace without causing injury to each other. Many times she’d stay late for special training, and is nervous to see the final product. As for the piano, she played piano when she was a child, but the training for the movie was a very difficult song. Maimi wrote she practiced playing during any free time she had, even while at home at night, and wonders if she bothered her neighbors. Maimi played the same parts over and over again that she started hearing it in her head when she wasn’t playing. When the time finally came to film the scene, Maimi was incredibly nervous, but was able to complete it thanks to the training she received from the piano teacher. Maimi was in awe of the hard work of all the staff members who work behind the scenes and wrote that it made her want to work hard too so as not to lose to them. Maimi then asked everyone to please watch the movie. Lastly, Maimi wrote about S/mileage appearing on the Nihon Record Taishou today and though she won’t be able to watch it in real-time, she’ll record it and watch it later.

At Sweet time, Maimi started by updating that she has yet to start writing her New Year’s cards, and then updated with a picture of a sleepy Cologne. Later that evening, Maimi congratulated S/mileage on winning the Best New Artist award and that she was now watching her recording of the show.

Over at Ishikawa Rika’s official blog, Rika wrote that Maimi and Mano Erina both came to see her new play (likely the reason that Maimi couldn’t watch the awards show live) and thanked them for always coming to see her.

Daily Maimi for 12/29: “Taken by Nacky”

Today’s airing of the ℃-ute end-of-the-year party was the subject of Maimi’s entry at the official ℃-ute blog today. She began by expressing her regret that Airi was unable to appear because of her work with “Buono!” at the same time, and that she definitely wants all five members of ℃-ute to be there next time. Maimi then ran down the events of the afternoon; eating nabe, talking about what happened during the year, and the karaoke party. She said that the nabe and ojiya were delicious, and that the karaoke was exciting. And then midway through the show, Morning Musume OG’s Iida Kaori showed up unexpectedly, surprising Maimi. She promised that she’d sing a Morning Musume song at the karaoke party, but had it pointed out to her by the other members afterwards that she didn’t, so she apologized to Kaori for forgetting. Maimi then pointed out that that party was the last time that she’d be meeting the other members this year, and yesterday was the last time she’d meet Airi this year, and wished that they all have a wonderful New Year’s. After the party, Maimi attended a launch event for her DVD movie “Black Angels”, which was filmed in November. Even though it was only last month, Maimi wrote that she felt nostalgic to see everyone together again. She hadn’t been involved in a launch event since the one for her play “Ran” in July so she was a bit nervous, but it made her eager to see the final finished movie. It’s release is still awhile off, but Maimi asked everyone to please watch it. While she wrote previously that she’d tell some stories from the filming, her current entry had already become long so she said she’d hold that off for tomorrow’s entry. She then reminded everyone that S/mileage would be appearing on the “Nihon Record Taishou” as they’re in the running for the Best New Artist award tomorrow, and asked everyone to cheer in front of the TV with her. With that, Maimi ended her entry and wished everyone a good night.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated before the USTREAM airing of the end-of-the-year party asking everyone to please watch.

Daily Maimi for 12/28: “Yuuka-chan’s”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wished S/mileage’s Maeda Yuuka a happy 16th birthday. When Maimi ran into Yuuka at yesterday’s concert rehearsal, she was hard at work studying even during her break. While eating she was studying a DVD and using a mirror to reverse the image. Maimi said that when she studies performances on DVDs she rotates the DVD player 180 degrees, but that she’d now imitate Yuuka’s much smarter method. She then took a picture of Yuuka and wrote that just looking at the cute Yuuka was enough to raise her spirits. Maimi also praised Yuuka’s gentle “my pace” airhead character, and said that she hopes that she never changes. Since the two will be meeting again today at rehearsals, Maimi plans to wish her a happy birthday in person. Maimi then wrote that she hopes that Yuuka has a wonderful 16th year.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that she was taught by Airi how to avoid taking blurry pictures while holding the camera and took a 2-shot to try it out. Satisfied with the results, Maimi wrote that she doesn’t have to worry about blurry pictures anymore.

At Airi’s Airiaru, Airi shared a picture of Maimi and said that she looks happy when she’s holding cake.

Daily Maimi for 12/27: “Happy News”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that she again had rehearsals for the new year’s Hello! Project concert tour today. Tomorrow will be the full costume rehearsal and Maimi said that she’s already really nervous about it. Changing the subject, Maimi showed off a candle that she decorated on Christmas. She chose the fragrance and color and put her initials on it. She then lit it and said it was really beautiful. Now that Christmas is over, she is waiting for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Next Maimi shared the news that her regular radio show, “℃-ute Yajima Maimi’s I My Me♥ Maimi~“, would be airing on New Year’s Eve at the regular time of 10PM. Maimi said that she’s really happy that she was able to have a show on Christmas and on New Year’s Eve. She asks those who can listen please listen and make her voice the last they hear before 2011. Lastly, Maimi said that she’d work hard at the rehearsals and shared a picture of her and Airi from Christmas.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated first that her dog Cologne enjoyed being held while Maimi was wearing her gift from Nacky, and later that she had the leftover fish from Berryz Kobo’s Tokunaga Chinami’s lunch box and it was delicious.

Daily Maimi for 12/26: “Nacky→Maimi→Chisato”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi began by apologizing for the late update. She mentioned that yesterday’s fanclub event was the last time that she gets to meet the fans this year, and that she was able to express her gratitude for all the support that year. She also thanked those who cheered for and supported her, but couldn’t come to the event. The next time she’ll get to meet the fans is at the Hello! Project concert tour starting the new year, and she asked that all her readers come so they can start the year off right together. Changing the subject, Maimi wrote that yesterday was ℃-ute’s gift exchange. The way their gift exchange works is that they all walk around in a circle while music plays, and when the music stops they stop and get the gift that they’re standing next to. Maimi got Nacky’s gift which was…. a gift voucher, since Nacky forgot to bring a gift (picture 1). Maimi was surprised by this, as Nacky is usually the most excited about these events, and remembered when Nacky made and brought cookies for everyone on Halloween when no one else did anything. However, today Nacky gave Maimi her present (picture 2) and Maimi thanked Nacky and vowed to wear it around the house often. As for the present Maimi bought, she wrote that she had difficulty choosing a present since she didn’t know who would be winning it. Eventually she decided on an “aroma lamp” for the bath, and earrings. She recently heard that Chisato was collecting earrings, and the other members were wearing earrings a lot at recent concerts, so she picked them up at the last minute. Luckily, the person who would’ve liked the earrings the most, Chisato, won her gift. All of the members also received presents from the staff. Maimi said that she was happy to get presents from so many people, since Santa doesn’t come to her house anymore. Lastly, she hoped for another good day tomorrow and wished everyone a good night.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated expressing her excitement that it’s the “mochi” season and that she ate some delicious mochi from her grandmother and some tofu boiled in miso soup.

“Announcement from Yajima Maimi #1”

Maimi took to the official ℃-ute YouTube channel to announce that on 12/29 at 3:00PM JST (1:00AM EST) ℃-ute would be streaming their end-of-the-year party over her USTREAM channel. She asks everyone who can watch to prepare some food and drink so that they can participate with the members of ℃-ute. She also announces that unfortunately Airi won’t be able to be there because of a prior work commitment. Maimi’s USTREAM channel, which was last used 158 days ago for her live “Fix no E” commentary with the one and only Ishikawa Rika, can be found at

Daily Maimi for 12/25: “Merry Christmas”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, talked about how today is Christmas and how she used to spend all her time at the window trying to see Santa when she was a child until her teacher told her that Santa won’t appear if people are looking. Maimi then changed the subject to the previous day’s H!P official shop event. There was a various corners, such a ball relay with the fans, that got Maimi excited. The first time ended in failure, so Maimi had to wear a red nose as the punishment. The second time, however, was a splendid victory and Maimi got to eat some strawberry cake. Maimi expressed her gratitude to the Yajima team for giving her the victory and said that that night had become a wonderful Christmas Eve. She thanked everyone who came to the event, and asked those who weren’t able to come because of limited seating to please try again next time. Maimi then talked about the Christmas event today, and said that she’s happy that she gets to meet the fans on both Christmas and Christmas Eve. After the event, her and the other ℃-ute members will exchange gifts. Lastly, she asked all her readers to please have a wonderful Christmas.

At Sweet time, Maimi shared another picture of her dog Rookie sleeping in his bed and said that the first fanclub event was finished and was wonderful. She updated again after the events were completely over, and said that since it was the last fanclub event of the year she was kind of sad. Even though she was sad, she said the event was the best and thanked everyone.

Daily Maimi for 12/24: “Nervousness”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi started off by wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas”. She then goes on to talk about yesterday’s recording of “Downtown DX”. She was really nervous about it from the time when they first heard they’d be on up until the actual recording, but said that the time passed really fast. Because the show is a fun talk show, she listened to all the other cast members talk and wondered if she would’ve been able to say the things she wanted to. Since her and ℃-ute don’t usually get a chance to appear on “Downtown DX”, she said the experience was awesome and she tried really hard. She also wrote that the staff was very kind and even asked the girls if they were okay since they looked nervous. Maimi then announced that the show would be airing on the 20th of January and that she’d remind everyone again when the date drew closer. After that, she mentioned today’s Christmas Eve event at the Hello! Project official shop, and promised to write more about the event in tomorrow’s update. Lastly, she wished everyone a great Christmas Eve and asked them to please listen to her “I My Me Maimi~” radio show airing later that night.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that the rehearsals for the new year’s Hello! Project tour were finished and that she was getting her make-up done for the H!P official shop event later that day. After the event she updated again saying that, as expected, she loves that kind of event. Maimi then updated around 11PM wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and shared an old picture she drew.

In a Christmas Eve bonus, Berryz Kobo’s Tokunaga Chinami shared a picture of her and her best friend Maimi taken at today’s H!P concert rehearsals.

Daily Maimi for 12/23: “Three-hundred Million Yen Girl”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that yesterday ℃-ute rehearsed with Berryz Kobo for the upcoming Hello! Project concert tour. She ended up borrowing a DVD of Berryz’s play “Three-hunded Million Yen Girl” from Berryz member Sudo Maasa. She wanted to see the play when it was originally showing, but was unable to go. Naturally she really enjoyed the play, and it got her fired up for the upcoming H!P concert.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that she attended the recording for the “Downtown DX” show and that she was excited for it to air.

Daily Maimi for 12/22: “Through life…”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that she was looking forward to last night’s lunar eclipse, but unfortunately was unable to see it. She then said that there’s many things she’d like to see at least once in her life. The first is aurora borealis. She’d have to endure the cold and be lucky to see it, but it’s still something she wants to see at least once. Second, she wants to see a lunar rainbow. She heard about rainbows at night from her mother several years ago and wondered when the best time to look for one is. She then wrote that she had her favorite Spam to eat this morning and then wondered why Spam is so delicious (and “lol”ed). Fired up from the Spam, she sounded the battle-cry of “tanobaru” and told everyone to “fight” today. She ended her update with some pictures from the “BLT” magazine photoshoot.

At Sweet time, Maimi wrote that she was once again at a family restaraunt by herself, and that she was going to eat rice with seafood.

Daily Maimi for 12/21: “Chou a la Creme”

In her update on the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi expressed her amazement that there’s only 10 days left in 2010. She noted that she has yet to write her New Year’s cards, but will start on it today. Changing the subject, Maimi was recently asked on her radio show “I My Me Maimi~” whether her family does stuff to watch out for their health. Maimi hadn’t paid attention to it before, but the previous night she watched for it. When she returned home her dad was talking about how delicious some “chou a la creme” he had was. There was one left in the fridge that Maimi was going for, but her mom told her to wait until the morning to eat it. Maimi thought it was because her mom didn’t want her to become fat and wondered why her dad was allowed to have some, but her mom said it was because eating sweet stuff at night makes her feel bad. So she recognized that as her mother watching out for her health. She finishes the update mentioning that she got the chou a la creme from Chisato and thanks her.

At Sweet time, Maimi wrote that her dog Rookie looked cold so they brough out his doggy bed, and that she wondered if she could see the lunar eclipse that everyone was talking about in the comments of her GREE and Serend entries.

Daily Maimi for 12/20: “Sang, Danced, Sweat”

Maimi started off her update at the official ℃-ute blog apologizing for updating so late, and revealed that rehearsals for the Hello! Project winter tour have begun. After rehearsing for the tour, she became really anxious for the tour to start. She also wrote that today was the rehearsals for ℃-ute and soloist Mano Erina, with whom she took a picture with after rehearsals. Maimi did a pose from Mano’s song “Genkimono de Ikou” and Mano did a pose from “Dance de Bakoon!”. Maimi was really impressed with how quickly Mano was able to learn the dances and expressed how cool she thought she was. Maimi then asked all her readers to please come see the tour when it starts, and wished them a good night.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated saying how nice the weather was and that she was focusing for the concert tour rehearsals today.

Daily Maimi for 12/19: “Over-slept”

Maimi started off her update on the official ℃-ute blog by pointing out that she originally wrote her update in the morning (she posted it at about 8PM that night). Since the update was originally written in the morning, the “Aitai Lonely Christmas” release event had yet to happen and she wrote about her excitement for the event. Usually Maimi wakes up 2 hours before an event, but today her alarm wasn’t able to wake her up. It was only after it went off again 15 minutes later that she finally woke up, which she said was dangerous. But she also said that she then had an extra 15 minutes of power because of her extended sleep, and that she’d “tanobarimasu” today too. Changing the subject, Maimi spoke of the newest BLT and Hello! Project collaboration magazine and urged all her readers to please check it out.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated before the release event saying that they were finished with preparation, and then updated again afterwards expressing her extreme thanks for everyone who supported “Aitai Lonely Christmas”.

Daily Maimi for 12/18: “To not lose…”

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi was eager to make a new announcement; herself, Nacky, and Chisato will be appearing on the popular “Downtown DX” show on either 20th or 27th of January. Maimi said she’ll try hard so more people will learn about ℃-ute, since the show is viewed by a lot of people. She also announced that episodes of “Piramekid” will be able to be seen on the “Piramekiino” official website until January 10th. Maimi then changed the subject to how she’s always forgetting or dropping her hat. Yesterday she once again dropped her hat while she was getting out of a taxi, and Chisato called out and let her know. Maimi’s mom got angry at Maimi and told her to start using the chin-strap so she wouldn’t lose her hats any longer. It’s now her goal in 2011 to no longer lose her hats.

At Sweet time, Maimi and Chisato had a back-and-forth over Maimi showing Chisato’s photobook cover and embarassing Chisato. After that, each of the members of ℃-ute called out to each other over Serend, with Airi calling for Maimi. Maimi then used her catchphrase “tanobaru” and updated that she was eating a donut during her break.