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“Something I really love”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

It rained today in Tokyo after a long time

It’s really cold

This kind of day I want to hurry and soak myself in a hot bath

Yesterday the bath salt was yellow

It’s a hot spring series bath salt

The bath salts have various effects it seems

I recommend it to everyone

Now then, I wonder what color today’s bath salt will be

Changing the subject

Recently my dad and brother had birthdays, so my family ate a tart cake

The tart cake I really love

It’s a heap of fruit

It’s so, so declious~

I really love the feeling of biting into that tart, and I really love fruit

It’s something I really love (lol)

I wonder if I’ll get to eat it this Christmas

It makes me cheerful

Well then, good work today too everyone

The people who are still at work… please hang in there ok I’m cheering for you

Well well, let’s “tanobarimashou” tomorrow too everyone

Bonus picture

I took a picture with my pet dog Cologne in the front

Cologne last night, her snoring was amazing (lol)

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“℃-ute photo studio”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for updating late

It’s sudden but, everyone A report

I think there’s people who already know but

From today, the new single that will be released on December 1st,

“Aitai Lonely Christmas”
music video

is now available at the ℃-ute channel on YouTube

Those who haven’t seen it yet, you must watch it, ok

The pictures are of ℃-ute yesterday

(1) Chisato and Mai

This was taken at dinnertime
These two are always close friends
They always sit next to each other too
They looks like cherries

(2) Nacky and Airi
I tried taking a picture from the side (lol) Hmm Personally I like photos from rare angles

(3) Myself
Since I finished my preparation for yesterday’s public recording early, I took this

Nacky and Chisato attached my hat so that it didn’t fall off while dancing~
Thank you


During rehearsal, when we were dancing, the decorative chain attached to my shorts broke

Stylist… I’m sorry

The staff have given me a new nickname…

Crusher Yajima

Because I often break things

Adjusting my power…
I can’t control it

I’ll be more careful from here on

Well well everyone,
were you able to have a wonderful weekend
I hope everyone has a day full of happiness tomorrow too…

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“Tokyo German Village memories”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Today was
at Tokyo German Village
the bayfm
“Winter Illumination Special Live!”
public radio recording

The guests were

Nakamura Ayumi and

Tsuji Nozomi and


We went to the open-air lawn plaza stage

The weather was nice, and it felt really good

Lots of people gathered

There was lots of children with their parents too

Moreover today we sang our new single
“Aitai Lonely Christmas”
which comes out the 1st of December

It’s the first performance!

I was nervous but
I was glad that so many people got to hear it

It will be on-air on the 19th (Friday) at 8:00PM~

Everyone, be sure to listen

Speaking of Tokyo German Village…

We went there to film a DVD in 2008

On that day it snowed, and I remember playing in the snow with the other members

Despite our hands getting numb from the cold, everyone frantically played

We sledded…

and we made a sofa in the snow…

How we got to making a sofa was

We gave up on trying to make a snow hut

We tried to make a slide but gave up

Let’s make a sofa

was the sequence of events

Nostalgic (1)

And then we had a challenge to make bread

My work…


Here… what can you see

It’s cherries

You can see it right if you try hard

If you don’t try you can’t see it huh (sweats)

I have nothing but fun memories from Tokyo German Village

And then today I created even more fun memories at Tokyo German Village

I’ve added today’s pictures


well then…
I hope everyone is visited by nice things tomorrow too…

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“Pet dog special report”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Today I took Rookie for a walk for the first time in awhile

We walked for about an hour

I gradually started to sweat and
it became a nice aerobic exercise

Rookie has a lot of physical strength too~(lol)

Before we walked for two hours and became completely exhausted so

about one hour seems just right…

Today he smartly walked with me at my pace

And then we arrived and the house and relaxed…


Co, Cologne Σ(゜д゜;)

This is under the sofa

She’d also crawl and play under the couch when she was little too,

but I was still worried she’d get stuck

She seems to be okay

Somehow or another she dropped this toy under the sofa

It’s her favorite toy, so when I ask her to give it to me, she doesn’t give it to me

By herself on top of the sofa she’ll “poi” (・ω・)ノ゜ throw it off

The toy will bounce and she’ll go chase after it

It’s continually that cycle

Only when it bounces into a basket

“Hey hey ヾ(・ε・。) Pick it up for me

she calls at me

And then, my pet dog Aroma, when she snatches it her and Cologne will quarrel

It’s lively (lol)

They healed me today too

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Maimi’s conversation with Ikucchi

Recently over at Serend, a Japanese social networking site, the ℃-ute and Berryz Koubou members have been using the new “copy mail” and “mie mail” features to respond to each other’s posts. In addition to ℃-ute and Berryz, the members of Tsunku’s Nice Girl Project also have Serend accounts, and the other day Maimi and Canary Club’s Ikucchi (Ooura Ikuko) exchanged messages. It started off with Ikucchi posting about something she had eaten…

I peeled and ate persimmon(^^) It’s sweet and the best-!!

This prompted Maimi to respond using the “copy mail” feature:

I also ate persimmon today~(*^ー^)ノ♪

Ikucchi then responded with “mie mail” (later expressing confusion on how to use either):

This season is delicious isn’t it~(/ω\)

Maimi responded again, saying

Isn’t it~♪ I also love dried persimmons( ´∀`)

And there you have it. While not exactly an Earth-shattering conversation, it’s still interesting to see H!P girls interacting with NGP girls.

If you’re unfamiliar with NGP and Canary Club, be sure to check out the comment/video clip for their latest single “Daisukki!“.

“Mmm♪ Buono!”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is another nice morning…


It’s a struggle with drowsiness

And then, my pet dog Cologne slept on my stomach like usual with considerable pressure……

Last night,
I became immersed in doing November’s writings and surveys

As always,
I took a long time

When I finished all of it
I went to bed

This morning

“Mai~ Please take care of the laundry Ah And then, I made norimaki, so hurry up before your brother eats it all

…my mom informed me as she was leaving…

Although I thought “I really want to sleep a little longer~

I got off my futon because I was determined to protect the norimaki

But as soon as I started eating the norimaki, my eyes awoke

Finally I was having a pleasant morning too

The norimaki was delicious…

I’m glad I was able to eat~

When I was younger,
when I needed lunch at school

I’d always ask for
the norimaki lunch

That’s how much I like it~ Norimaki

…thanks for the meal
( 1)

Which reminds me

Yesterday’s blog, did you read it

In the “Hello! Channel” mook

the search for Okai behind Takahashi Ai and myself in the pictures corner

“Find Okai

Myself, yesterday, after that I tried to count to see how many times I could find Okai

The results

I found Okai 9 times

How many times was everyone else able to find her

The people who have “Hello! Channel” on hand, please see count and see

I think the correct answer will be announced in the next issue

And with the norimaki power I will “tanobarimasu” all day today too

There is a lot of “Hello! Channel” off-shots so

I’ve uploaded some more today

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“Quick report”

It’s Maimi

Yesterday was
the “Hello! Channel” mook handshake event

The members were

From Morning Musume
Tanaka Reina

From Berryz Koubou
Shimizu Saki

and then
Mano Erina and

From S/mileage
Wada Ayaka

And with me, the 5 of us went(1)

Despite being a weekday
about 1500 people came on foot to see us

I’m really grateful

Work, club activities, living far away…
I think there’s lots of people who couldn’t come for various reasons

so I am looking forward to our next chance to meet

And now it’s
“Hello! Channel” off-shot…

Takahashi Ai and Chisato and myself

Everyone in this neighborhood was kind

I really love places like that

Do you get it
Photographed in the background

In “Hello! Channel”
she appears frequently in the background of Takahashi and myself (lol)

The title is
“Find Okai

How many time can Okai be found


Yesterday, I got a phone call from my grandmother

I wrote in an earlier blog
that I love dried chestnuts

She has put all of her effort into making them again this year it seems…

It’s something she puts an incredible amount of labor into…

Thank you Granny

Since she said “I’ll send them“, I am anxiously waiting for them to arrive

Ah~ Hurry up and get here ( ´∀`)

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“Long time…”

It’s Maimi

I went and saw Berryz Koubou’s concert

Last tour I wasn’t able to go,

so it was awhile since I was able to see a Berryz Koubou concert

It was two hours of lots of fun

There was a lot of nostalgic songs, particularly the song called

“Anata Nashite wa Ikiteyukenai”

It reminded me of a time before ℃-ute was even named
when we got a chance to dance together at Berryz Koubou’s event

Seeing that song performed again was really nostalgic, and brought back all sorts of memories

Along with everyone in Berryz Koubou, we’ve been together for about 8 years

When you see those kind of friends working hard

It gives you a good motivation like,
“I’ll also work hard

Everyone, during the mature songs their sexiness came out

And their singing and talking has levelled-up since last time I watched

There are many groups in Hello! Project

Each group’s color is different…

When watching each other

As friends, and as rivals

the motivation you get is nice… I believe

From here on out we will be diligently working hard

Everyone in Berryz Koubou too,
even though the tour has just started, I think they want to run swiftly until the final day

And now, today is
the “Hello! Channel” magazine handshake event

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to meet all the fans

With all my might, I want to show all of my thanks

Well then, until tomorrow’s blog~

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“With the close friends I love”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Today I went with my close friends to the country of dreams

We talked the whooooole time

There was never a break in the conversation

Since we’re childhood friends, our talk will go from old memories to recent school days…

Despite the wait being around 120 or 140 minutes, it felt like we arrived at the boarding area in the blink of an eye,

“It’s already passed

… (lol)

Close friends really are the most important thing

My friends also come to my concerts frequently,

and after it’s over I’ll always get a happy mail from the both of them,

which I have kept protected

Again those two have given me power

I also bought souveniers for everyone in ℃-ute

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow too

Well well, good night


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