“Last spurt”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

There’s only 11 days left in November…

Isn’t it too fast

This year feels like the fastest year ever

It seems like my birthday in February was just the other day

I wonder if it’s because I’ve been so satisfied with this year

Ever since I was little, I’d get somewhat excited at the year’s end

I look back on the things I didn’t finish and the goals I didn’t reach

and I hope that I can work hard with a clean slate in the new year,

that is my preparation at the year’s end

I have a lot of various things I have to persevere on too

So that we have no regrets, let’s “tanobarimashou” for what’s left of 2010

Which reminds me
Yesterday I met with Mai and Chisato and Nacky

Recently, I haven’t met Airi…

We met the 13th, but not since then…

Though it’s only been a short time, it feels like we haven’t met for a long time…

The thing is I borrowed something and haven’t been able to return it

I missed my chance to return it on the 13th…

I have to return it quickly

Well well, today is almost over too, so I’m going to go with enthusiasm

I took this picture yesterday

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