“Happy family circle”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Last night I went with my mom and dad to eat shabu shabu

As expected, meat is nice~

The chopsticks were busy ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

As we were returning…

“Hey, it’s ◯◯(←my close friend’s name)

said my dad…

“Eh No way(°O°)!! Where where

“Look, there

………I glanced over!■u・)

…… “Hold on! That’s completely wrong(~o~;)”

…It’s a joke


Unbelievable, even my dad is tricking me…

“Ugh I almost called out to them

“Hahaha But they look similar don’t they

“Nope……they don’t look at all similar

That’s the kind of conversation we had

…because my dad isn’t the kind of person who usually jokes about me being an airhead, I was surprised

But of course having a meal with your family is nice~

How do you say it… it’s harmony

I also always want to take a family trip

Now then…
Today is also really cold(;_;)

I went out with a perfect counter-measure for the cold

Everyone too, please stay warm and don’t catch a cold

I’ve attached some pictures I took earlier

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