“Cold-sensitivity is harsh…”

It’s Maimi

Today the weather is nice
and the sun is warm

I walked outside and my hands immediately became cold

I’m sensitive to the cold~

Ah… I want a heat patch( ̄▽ ̄)

Yesterday, I thought I’d look at the video that our manager took for us

I pressed the touch panel…

And there was no response

I pressed it over and over again…

Eventually “Huh Somehow it won’t play back

I said and gave the digital camera to our manager

Then our manager… started playback just like that…(・o・)??


I thought, then

“Aren’t your fingertips too cold to register

they said

Huh… it senses your temperature…

Cold-sensitivity is quite a burden…

Also when I’m writing and when I’m playing piano my hands have no power…

so I’ll open and close them

Which reminds me, our pet dogs are also sensitive to the cold

They whine to be picked up, I’ll pick them up like “hoi”, and only their legs will be cold(・・;)

At that time I’ll take their leg in my hand without thinking… but since my hand is also cold there’s no meaning…

That’s probably counter-productive

Everyone too, take measures so that you don’t catch a cold please

Well then, well then~

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