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Daily Maimi 11/30

In Maimi’s update at the official ℃-ute blog, she told us that she went out with her mom and dad to her cousin’s house for dinner last night. It had been a long time since they had last done that, and it brought up memories of when her and her younger cousin used to play together often. While she was at her cousin’s house, she asked them questions in preparation for a test, and had so much fun that the time flew by quickly. She ended her update with two things that brightened her day recently: her kindergarten-aged cousin (different than the one she visited for dinner) telling her aunt that he wanted to marry Maimi, and two puppies fighting over water (picture 1).

At Sweet time, Maimi vowed to give her best on the last day of November, wrote that she drank milk for the first time in awhile, and reminded everyone of ℃-ute’s next single, “Aitai Lonely Christmas”, coming out tomorrow (12/1). Lastly, Maimi showed off the pens she’s using to write in her new day-planner (picture 2) and that she’s adding everyone’s birthday to it.

Daily Maimi for 11/29

In her update today at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi talked about yesterday’s Yamada Denki event and thanked everyone who helped make it possible and who came to watch. After returning home from the event, Maimi watched “Real Oni Gocco 2“. She watched the entire DVD, including the behind the scenes footage, and was impressed with the effort that went in to making the movie. She ended the update saying that she planned to watched the American version of “Ghost” today.

At Sweet time, Maimi wrote that she had her mom’s homecooked Chinese fried for lunch and that it was of course delicious. Afterwards, she gave her report on the American version of “Ghost”, writing that while there was some scary parts, it had a good story and that she liked both the American original and Japanese versions of it. Lastly, Maimi reminded her fans in real-time to check out her and two of the other ℃-ute members on TV Tokyo’s “Piramekiino” which was just starting at that time.

Daily Maimi for 11/28

Today in her entry at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrapped up coverage of her photoshoot over the past week. The photoshoot lasted from the 22nd to the 27th, and because she had gotten used to being on the photoshoot each day, Maimi wrote that she felt a little lonely now that it was all over. She asks her fans to please wait, as she can’t yet tell us what the photoshoot was for (though it’s safe to assume at least a photobook). She finished her entry noting that today is the day of the ℃-ute events at Yamada Denki and how it’s been awhile since all of ℃-ute was together and able to meet the fans.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated about her interactions with her fellow ℃-ute members while at the event, and how she was happy about the amount of people who stopped and watched their performances. She continued expressing her adoration of Christmas lights, and lastly apologized for mispelling Yamada Denki in an earlier update.

Daily Maimi for 11/27

In her update today at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi wrote that she went with her mother to see the movie “Ghost” after work. She was really moved by the movie, and was reminded of a dream she once had where she had become a ghost and tried to speak to her mom but was unable to. After returning home from the movie, Maimi watched her recordings of the TV shows “Piramekiino”, where she herself appears as a recurring character named Momokawa Momoko in a segment called “Piramekid”, and “SPEC”, which fellow Hello! Project member Mano Erina was appearing as a guest on. Finally, she shared a picture from yesterday’s photoshoot. Her full entry can be read here.

At Sweet time, Maimi updated that she bought a cute day-planner for 2011 yesterday, and shared a picture of some Christmas lights, commenting on how pretty they were. She also wrote that her photo shoot for the past few days is now finished. She continued on to say that she’s lonely now that it’s over, but is truly glad that she got the opportunity.

Daily Maimi for 11/25

In her update today at the official ℃-ute blog, Maimi reported that while waiting around at her photo shoot (now on day 4) they spotted what Maimi described as a fat, black roach. It caused her to remember the time when she was in junior high where she was studying for a test late at night. She had heard a noise and when she looked to see what made it, there was a roach flailing around on its back. While she initially kept herself from screaming for her dad since he was asleep, after the roach started moving around she couldn’t help but yell out for him. Maimi then apologized for telling everyone such a gross story. Her full entry can be read here.

At Sweet time, Maimi wrote that she was eating some delicious pizza while on break at the photo shoot, and then later updated when she saw the roach mentioned in her blog entry.

Daily Maimi for 11/24

Maimi updated the official ℃-ute blog Wednesday, 11/24, during a break in her photo shoot. She let us know that she had been doing photo shoots for the past three days, and that she was looking forward to that day’s shoot, which was going to be a cool mature theme. Here full entry can be read here.

At her Sweet time blog, Maimi expressed her appreciation of the nice weather and her ongoing love affair with hot patches continued as she wrote that she was keeping warm with one on her back.

Daily Maimi for 11/23: Great Airi and Maimi

In a relatively short entry today at the official ℃-ute blog on Gree, Maimi wrote that once again it rained while she was out working yesterday, reinforcing her reputation as a “rain girl”. She also mentioned that she was fighting today’s cold with a hot patch on the stomach, and asked her readers to be careful not to catch a cold in this weather. Her full update can be read here.

Maimi started updating her Sweet time Serend mini-blog with a picture of herself first thing in the morning (picture 3). This update sparked another exchange between the ℃-ute aces Suzuki Airi and Maimi, which has become a regular occurance over at Serend in recent days. Airi responded to Maimi’s update, saying she looks cute and using Maimi’s catchphrase “tanobarou” (a combination of “tanoshimu”, to have fun, and “ganbaru”, to try hard/persevere). Maimi responded back saying that Airi is cuter than her (which caused a deluge of responses from fans telling Maimi they’re both cute) and echoed the “tanobarou”.

Daily Maimi for 11/22: Happy Birthday Captain!

Today, November 22nd, is Berryz Koubou’s captain’s Shimizu Saki’s birthday, and Maimi made the birthday girl the focus of her update on the official ℃-ute blog. Maimi expressed her shock that Saki was already 19 and that they’ve been together for almost 10 years now. Maimi then shared a lot of her thoughts about Saki, including how they lean on each other for support as the two leaders of Hello! Project Kids units and how much she admires Saki’s dancing. Maimi finished up the entry with some photos of her and Saki together, including one from when they were both in the 5th grade, and mentioned that she accidentally deleted the whole entry the first time while uploading the photos. Her full post can be read here.

Over at Sweet time, Maimi got a new header and profile image to match the upcoming single “Aitai Lonely Christmas”. She updated early wishing Saki a happy birthday, and then cheered on Airi in her work today. In addition, Maimi made a cameo in a picture shared by her best friend, Berryz’s Tokunaga Chinami, on her Serend.

Daily Maimi for 11/21

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog for 11/21, Maimi started by showing off some glasses she wore for a photo shoot (picture 1) and noted that it’s rare for her to wear glasses. She then wrote that she got to eat pizza with the rest of the members of ℃-ute (pictures 2 and 3), and that it was “Buono!”. Maimi also let us know that she saved the day by finding Airi’s lost wristwatch and Chisato’s lost earphones at their get-together. Her full update can be read here.

Maimi started updating her SWEET TIME mini-blog early today, letting us know that she had a cheese omelette for breakfast. Continuing with the food theme of the day, Maimi also wrote that she had something like black sesame seed pudding and shared a picture from her work for the day (picture 4).

Daily Maimi for 11/20

In her update at the official ℃-ute blog for 11/20, Maimi shared the news that S/mileage had been nominated for the Nihon Record Taishou “Best New Artist” award. She also reminded us that ℃-ute won that very same award back in 2007. S/mileage’s nomination has renewed her motivation and filled her with the fighting spirit again, as she vowed that she and ℃-ute won’t lose. In addition, she uploaded two pictures of herself with members of S/mileage. Her full post can be read here.

At Yajima Maimi’s SWEET TIME, Maimi messaged back and forth with fellow ℃-ute member Airi about the day’s work. She mentioned that she sweat a lot (and shared a picture as evidence), but that she only drank two bottles of sports drink today, as opposed to 3 yesterday. Finally, she wished all her followers a good night and sweet dreams.

What’s “Daily Maimi”?

Because of the difficulties I have doing line-by-line translations, I’ve opted to try out a different format to share Maimi’s posts with her other Western fans. From here on out, I’ll be doing “Daily Maimi” updates, which will be summaries of what she’s posted on the official ℃-ute GREE blog and her “Yajima Maimi’s SWEET TIME” mini-blog at Serend for that day. I hope that my fellow Maimi fans will find these posts as fun and as interesting as the full translations.

“Last spurt”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

There’s only 11 days left in November…

Isn’t it too fast

This year feels like the fastest year ever

It seems like my birthday in February was just the other day

I wonder if it’s because I’ve been so satisfied with this year

Ever since I was little, I’d get somewhat excited at the year’s end

I look back on the things I didn’t finish and the goals I didn’t reach

and I hope that I can work hard with a clean slate in the new year,

that is my preparation at the year’s end

I have a lot of various things I have to persevere on too

So that we have no regrets, let’s “tanobarimashou” for what’s left of 2010

Which reminds me
Yesterday I met with Mai and Chisato and Nacky

Recently, I haven’t met Airi…

We met the 13th, but not since then…

Though it’s only been a short time, it feels like we haven’t met for a long time…

The thing is I borrowed something and haven’t been able to return it

I missed my chance to return it on the 13th…

I have to return it quickly

Well well, today is almost over too, so I’m going to go with enthusiasm

I took this picture yesterday

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“When I return home…”

It’s Maimi

The weather is really nice today

Yesterday I went home after work in the evening

So I enjoyed DVDs at home

I watched the movie

“Chocolate Fighter”

The level of the star Jeeja’s physical ability surprised me

She’s cool

While watching the making-of, there was a lot of dangerous things, filming must have been difficult …is what I understood

After a lot of trouble and cooperation, this movie was able to be made…

I finished watching, and next

As I started to watch another DVD

“Mai~ Dinner-

was my mom’s voice…
Dinner smelled really nice

I’ll continue the DVD next time

By the way, yesterday’s dinner was

miso soup
boiled fish
maitake mushroom wrapped in meat

My mom’s hand-made food is delicious as expected

I hope that I am able to make delicious food one day too

Now, today is
the first time I’ve worked with Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako in awhile

I’m looking forward to it~

I’ve uploaded a picture with Risako

Well well
Let’s have a great day today too


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“Happy family circle”

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Last night I went with my mom and dad to eat shabu shabu

As expected, meat is nice~

The chopsticks were busy ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

As we were returning…

“Hey, it’s ◯◯(←my close friend’s name)

said my dad…

“Eh No way(°O°)!! Where where

“Look, there

………I glanced over!■u・)

…… “Hold on! That’s completely wrong(~o~;)”

…It’s a joke


Unbelievable, even my dad is tricking me…

“Ugh I almost called out to them

“Hahaha But they look similar don’t they

“Nope……they don’t look at all similar

That’s the kind of conversation we had

…because my dad isn’t the kind of person who usually jokes about me being an airhead, I was surprised

But of course having a meal with your family is nice~

How do you say it… it’s harmony

I also always want to take a family trip

Now then…
Today is also really cold(;_;)

I went out with a perfect counter-measure for the cold

Everyone too, please stay warm and don’t catch a cold

I’ve attached some pictures I took earlier

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“Cold-sensitivity is harsh…”

It’s Maimi

Today the weather is nice
and the sun is warm

I walked outside and my hands immediately became cold

I’m sensitive to the cold~

Ah… I want a heat patch( ̄▽ ̄)

Yesterday, I thought I’d look at the video that our manager took for us

I pressed the touch panel…

And there was no response

I pressed it over and over again…

Eventually “Huh Somehow it won’t play back

I said and gave the digital camera to our manager

Then our manager… started playback just like that…(・o・)??


I thought, then

“Aren’t your fingertips too cold to register

they said

Huh… it senses your temperature…

Cold-sensitivity is quite a burden…

Also when I’m writing and when I’m playing piano my hands have no power…

so I’ll open and close them

Which reminds me, our pet dogs are also sensitive to the cold

They whine to be picked up, I’ll pick them up like “hoi”, and only their legs will be cold(・・;)

At that time I’ll take their leg in my hand without thinking… but since my hand is also cold there’s no meaning…

That’s probably counter-productive

Everyone too, take measures so that you don’t catch a cold please

Well then, well then~

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