Good evening~
It’s Maimi
I’m sorry for the late update

Today was the dance practice
for the musical that starts in October
“Cutie Musical ‘The Devil’s Murmur’ ~Devil C-ute Youth Graffiti~”

I sweat a lot~

Today I drank a lot of sports drinks~

Yep, when you sweat sports drinks are number 1

I’ve been bringing sports drinks whenever we have a dance lesson for awhile now

I’m grateful to them for all these years

And now, today I will introduce this interesting thing

This is… canned mandarins (1)


it’s not an ordinary can of mandarins


There’s plump mandarins in it

Airi’s mother found an interesting thing
and gave us this can

There really is lots of different things in this world

Speaking of mandarins,
in elementary and middle school
I loved the frozen mandarins that’d occasionally be in my school lunch…

Now I want to eat a school lunch again (lol)

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