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“It’s Maimi”


From here on today, at Kashiwa Takashimaya is the live public recording of Bayfm’s “MUSIC Dream”~

I’m really looking forward to it
It’s been a reaaaaaaaaally long time since all of ℃-ute has come together for a live public recording

Here’s us excited and nervous as we head towards the real thing…

Now, let’s goooooooooo today and fry hard

On another note, I photographed Aroma’s excitement yesterday

My mom dropped into the convenience store… and Aroma waited on top of the box (armrest)…

“Come here” I said but “Hnn~ Hnn~” she cried, and completely ignored me

………It’s sad…(lol)
Of course I’m no match for my mom…

My mom though, is no match for my older brother

While eating bread, “PLOP!” it fell out of my hand as I was moving it!

Aroma was under the table at that moment…… it was incredible!~

She aimed at it with the ferocity that Captain Hook does at that alligator

Cologne was also below the table but in the end Aroma had eaten all of it

……I felt bad so I gave Cologne and Rookie each one piece of bread also…

Even though they also eat dog food, they’re a bunch of luxurious dogs~

Well They got to eat delicious food, and they wagged their tails, it’s aaaaallright

Alright, I’m going to prepare for the live recording

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“Yajima Maimi”

Good eveniiiing…
Today I went to Melon Kinenbi’s final concert…

From the first song I was already crying uncontrollably,
when I thought “This is the last time I’ll see those four appearing on stage together…” I started to feel extremely lonely.

You could tell that all the members of Melon Kinenbi sang each song with a lot of precious consideration.
The feelings of “This is the end”, and “Thank you to everyone who supported us until now.” that they put into it, that really tugged at me.

Despite not having met with Melon Kinenbi very often, they have shown me so much kindness…

Miss Shibata, every single time we met she talked to me, and occasionally she’d also start meddling (lol)
She was an amazing senior who showed concern for me over lots of different things.

Miss Otani, she always spoke so friendly to me, and up to now ℃-ute was given the chance to study their concerts, so we were able to learn so much from her really cool singing and dancing.

Miss Murata, there was a time long ago when I was feeling depressed and was crying, she softly said to me, “It’s okay. You should try hard next time.” which cheered me up and gave me spirit. I love Miss Murata’s personality so much.

Miss Saito, one time back during one of the Hello! Project Sports Festivals, when I didn’t have a lot of experience yet, I was nervous so she sang to me with a beaming smile. It’s a trivial thing but I still remember that extremely comforting smile.

All those memories, during today’s final concert they all came rushing back to me in a single moment…

Melon Kinenbi created an atmosphere that got then entire concert hall involved in the excitement, that’s what I loved the most

After this I won’t be able to meet up with them like I did up to now, I won’t be able to see those concerts I really love anymore but, as expected Melon Kinenbi was, until the very end, the Melon Kinenbi that I aspire towards.

So that ℃-ute can give our fans hot concerts like Melon Kinenbi, I’ll work my hardest
And so we will become a warm group that won’t lose to Melon Kinenbi

Melon Kinenbi… thank you for your hard work these past 10 years.
And, thank you so much for everything up to now
I really love Melon Kinenbi

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Good morning

The event at Fuji TV’s Gourmet Park in Odaiba from yesterday continues today

Yesterday a lot of people showed up… Because of Golden Week, I wonder There were also a lot of children there…

Today too, so that many people can be charmed by ℃-ute’s power, I’ll try my hardest

On another note, right now, it seems my relatives are going to my grandmother’s house

My grandmother’s house is a nice place surrounded by nature…

The air there is refreshing, it’s peaceful, and at night you can see so many stars

More than the stars seen here, they feel like they’re really close…
…My aunt took these pictures and sent them to me

……As expected, it’s a great place~

I want to go again sometime…

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The event at Gourmet Park is finished~

It’s been awhile since we had an event outside

There is sooooooooooooooo many delicious things at Gourmet Park

My favorite is crepes
This is me eating one with Chissa

Afterwards I took a picture with everyone from S/mileage~
Ogawa Saki, she was in the middle of being photographed so… she’s not here

By the way, what I’m holding there is a parfait

Sweets are the best, aren’t they

And then lastly is with Mano~
Maaanon Maaanon (lol)

Right now, Nakajima is “baku baku” eating right in front of me
…………I mean, she’s eating too much (lol)

All of you too, please eat a lot of delicious things~

By the way, the Gourmet Park will be at Odaiba’s Fuji TV Plaza until the 9th~

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